10 Best Performances By Marvel Actors Uptill Now ( Before Avengers Infinity War )

You know the reason why we love comic book movies so much is that of both Marvel and DC coming to the big screen. And you know the Marvel CInematic Universe never lags behind in entertaining people. And there is a very popular saying that Marvel certainly never miscast. The result obviously is some great performances induced by these very capable actors, in the end, you have a dish to relish in comic book characters coming to life in these great performances. Check out here, our list of “10 Best Performances By Marvel Actors Uptill Now ( Before Infinity War ). Hope yo enjoy !

Benedict Cumberbatch

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The last male Avenger to join the party even after Captain America Civil War released was Benedict Cumberbatch in 2016’s science fiction film Doctor Strange. The actor got rave reviews even poking a jibe at his beard similar to Robert Downey Jr and a similar “devil may care” attitude. Anyways, in the end, we got a great Marvel flick based on science and sorcery along with a dependable Star in Benedict Cumberbatch.

Robert Downey Jr.

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Do we even need to justify this performance on the list. Yes but as soon as you got into the article you know you were going to read something about this man. Starting his journey 9 years ago,  he is the flag bearer for MCU right from Iron Man ( 2008 ) to Captain America Civil War ( and even cooler he gets to train Spidey now ). Robert Downey Jr, in short, was born to play this role. Nobody can replace him in the Marvel actors list.

Chris Evans Captain America

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No wonder we had the best 10 years from the MCU thanks to such great character placements. Chris Evans is no exception to the rule and brings out the best in him for the role Of Captain America. He might have to shun his shield after the last Avengers film, but he will always be remembered for portraying and representing this role so well.

Tom Holland

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Tom Holland is another great character addition to the MCU. And please, getting the most loved comic books character on screen is no joke. Only the fact that Tom Holland fills the shoes of a younger spidey, but that does not take away for him to win hearts as the Spiderman set up in a much larger more exciting MCU. After giving a meaty Peter Parker performance in Spider-Man Homecoming, he will embrace the character again for the upcoming Avengers, Infinity Wars. Did we just not get goosebumps in the teaser of the film already ??

Tom Hiddleston Loki

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When it comes to Marvel Villains, nobody does it better than Tom Hiddleston. Loki is the most iconic Marvel characters, even though he is not a hero. He has got as much fan following and he made for a great first Avengers film villain.

Vincent D’Onforio Kingpin

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Unfortunately, we have not gotten to see the most promising Spider-Man Villain on the big screen with the other MCU villains yet but Vincent D’Onforio plays a worthy Kingpin in Marvel produces web series Daredevil. The actor impeccably fits the role with a good build and devil like eyes make him a great fit for the underworld don of New York.

Mark Ruffalo The Hulk

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Mark Ruffalo, unfortunately, did not have a solo Hulk film but nobody can play Hulk in the Avengers films better than him. Mark Ruffalo has explored the full potential of both Bruce Banner and the Hulk and does a pretty great job for the audience.


Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

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This is just an additional entry given the fact that the X-Men and Deadpool movies are not a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But Ryan Reynolds played the Marvel comic book character so well that we doubt that someone can ever replace him. He just nails the part effortlessly.

Chris Hemsworth Thor 

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Chris Hemsworth does an awesome job with the Son Of Odin making it to the Earth and later joining the Avengers. It iis no joke to play a Norse God and Hemsworth with his build and attitude makes sure that we take it seriously too. he is one of the best marvel actors to get a suerhero title.

Michael Keaton Vulture

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Th Vulture coming to screen as one of the recent Spiderman Villains was made more menacing yet believable thanks to Oscar winning actor Michael Keaton. He totally takes the part of Adrian Toomes and makes for a very impressive plotline in the Spiderman Homecoming. A great choice for a Spidey anatagonist !


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