10 Best Superhero Costumes From Comic Books/Movies

This is a pretty debatable topic for comic book fans. Although everyone has a different way of defining what makes for a perfect superhero costume, it will still be interesting to rank these based on different parameters. Here is our ranking for the best superhero costumes :

10. Superman

Yea probably Superman is a little over-rated, and not to mention the infamous underwear outside the costume thing. But you have to admit, Man of Steel has made his costume almost iconic becoming a benchmark for every superhero costume ever made.

9. Deadpool

You know how lovable is the witty Wade Wilson. And his costume just does the trick, maybe he does not have all the superpowers in the world but it is a great cover up. It looks suave to say the least.

8. The Flash

It takes some special kind of costume for the man who literally travels at the speed of a lightening bolt. The red vintage costume with bolt touch up makes the Flash a runner up in the best superhero costume list.

7. Spiderman

We have loved the spidey suit for decades. Not to miss out the fact that Peter Parker is a teenager. And we also like the occasional changes, Spiderman costumes are diverse but stick to the standard red blue contrast.

6. The Ghost Rider

Yea it is freaky cool. It has got some great flame effect, making it the one of the best superhero costume ever coming to comics.

5. Ironman

Yea, we do not even need to have a debate. We couldn’t resist listing Iron Man. He has had the best tech upgrades through out the history of comics, also it has an integrated JARVIS. What more to ask for !

4. Green Lantern

Yea, the movie was bad. But the Green Lantern Suit is special. Unlike the other suits, the Costume is shaped by one’s imagination, when someone wears a Green Lantern ring. But it follows the same pattern throughout comics and movies. We love it.

3. Captain America

captain america

He has ethics, he is patriotic. Captain America Costume paired with the indestructible Vibranium Shield makes for one of the coolest things in the Marvel Universe.

2. The Nightwing

The Nightwing is basically a flexible version of Batman. The costume is doned by Dick Grayson , an ally to the Dark Knight.

1. Batman

You would blame us for being bias, but the Batman Costume beats the best of the best. The costume helps Bruce Wayne take the role of Dark Knight, fighting the most gruesome of crimes with ease. Batman outfit is bulky and helps him pull off the best action throughout the comic books.


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