10 DC Characters DCEU Must Announce

Warner Brothers has pulled its socks up to make DCEU as majestic as it is in its comic book universe with a variety of DC characters. The increasing comic book film trend and prolonged criticism is compelling makers to come up with more promising projects in future. Various formal film announcements from DCEU have made its fan more excited for its upcoming projects, some of them including Green Lantern Corps, Shazam, Lobo, Batgirl and many more. Here are 10 DC characters that fans are willing to see in DCEU

  • Jason Todd/Red Hood :

Outlaw in the real sense ( he has an issue in that name too ) Jason Todd has reincarnated (lterally) with surprise for DC , having gained a lot of popularity in new 52. Where earlier he was also voted by fans to be killed in very famous ‘Batman: Death in the Family’ he reincarnated following the crisis on inifinte earths.

Batman: A Death in the Family

Allegedly, Jason Todd’s Robin is also teased in Batman v/s Superman showing character’s possible existence in DCEU. The character’s developement has a great potential and a lot of story turnouts for the makers to serve and exploit financially.

  • Hawkman/Hawkgirl
Hawkman and Hawkgirl

The duo, (or either of them) is a significant part of Justice League team. Hawkman and Hawkgirl have gained much popularity through JL animated series. The characters’ have a great story line in comics. Adding to this , some of their abilities include healing factor, super acute sight, ability to communicate with birds. So yes ! they could pretty much be referred as Aquaman’s counterpart for Earths airspace. If you think Hawkman is a no show, let me tell you that he possesses Mystical Claw of Horus using which it can draw power from Earth’s magnetic core to amplify his punches exponentially.

  • Dr Manhattan

An underrated yet one of the most supreme beings in DC universe, a lot can be put into this character’s development into DCEU.  What more do you need as a testimonial than the fact that (Spoiler alert) he is responsible for current DCU’s New 52 establishment. Yes ! This had been the big suspense. Marvel has successfully capitalized the time warping concept with Dr Strange and we know that DC has a lot more potential to time/reality warping and wizardry stuff.

How Dr Manhattan controls matter

Dr. Manhattan’s powers are limitless. Besides teleportation and dimensional travel, he controls matter and possibly cannot be defeated. It would be a great decision if DCEU starts teasing this greatest of the DC characters right from Flashpoint film and gradually build up a great plot throughout the universe across him.

  • Brainiac

I am not talking about how stupid he was shown in the animated series but talk about Injustice 2 (the game) and you will not be left unimpressed. With his ’12th level intellect’ he is invincible. Putting him up as Man Of Steel’s rival will be exciting to see..

  • Bizarro

How fun would it be to see a comic relief supervillain ( more likely an antihero) in DC. Like the name says, he is a kind of bizarre version of Superman who imitates his powers as well. He could be an out of the box approach for DC to put up essentially a less dark villain in the game.

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  • Kyle Rayner
Kyle Rayner and Sinestro encounter

Never doubt Batman’s choices for Kyle Rayner is Batman’s favorite Lantern. He might be the most popular Green Lantern after Hal Jordan and the only one to bear all seven rings of emotional spectrum. His ring is unique as it is free from yellow impurity and does not need to be charged every 24 hours. The character is often depicted as a lot heroic and sacrificing. He can undoubtedly be one of the most popular once he makes it into DCEU.

  • Martian Manhunter
Martian Manhunter

Perfect epitome of just, benevolent and noble j’onn j’onzz (goes by name Martian Manhunter) deserves to get his share in DCEU. Not just he is mighty bearing remarkable abilities such as shapeshifting, plasma beam projection, telekinesis and telepathy he is also the founding member of Justice League in comic books. The new 52 has an interesting story arc for Martian Manhunter for he works under Amanda Waller and appointed as a counterpart for Superman in case of contingencies. This might give a nice turn to current story line of DCEU.

  • League Of Assassins
Ra’s Al Ghul and assassins

Batman’s existence is impossible without League Of Assassins. I am not referring just to Ra’s Al Ghul who is a decorated supervillain with deep respect for Batman. Even Talia Al Ghul has one of the naughtiest yet romantic story line with Batman in the DC universe.

Batman, Talia and Damian relationship

To add up, watching Damian – The blood son of Batman is another treat to look at in future.

  • Monitor/Anti-Monitor

Monitor and anti- monitor are two sides of same coin. Both are cosmic entities and above the reach and concept of life and time. Where Anti-Monitor controls anti-matter universe and is the evil counterpart, Monitor keeps a close eye to prevent any destruction.

Anti-Monitor taking on Darkseid

The reason to include both of them in the list is the significance of these DC characters in the universe. These are god like entities yet under-recognized. Anti-Monitor is responsible for one of the greatest Crisis On Infinite Earth story line in DC.

  • Gorilla Grodd
The Ferocious Grodd

Gorilla Grodd is primarily a Flash villain belonging to gorilla city away from human world. He is altogether an interesting character in himself. Do not judge him by the looks ( I have nothing against Gorillas though) this dude is super intelligent and bears telepathic powers besides superhuman strength. Getting this wacky villain into DCEU will be no ‘monkey business’.

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