6 Marvel Characters/ Teams Who Deserve Their Own Lego Movie !!

Lego is very fun movie franchise owned by Disney and has seen success in the comic book genre with Lego Batman. The movie was genuinely funny and even appealed to the true Batman fans. There is a lot of cinematic liberty taken on any Lego Movie so we think that is obvious we would want more from them. Why not have more superhero Lego movies.

Marvel is a pretty fun genre with the most exciting funny characters. Those heroes having their own lego movie would be a dream come true for many of us. Let us look at our list of 10 Marvel Characters who deserve their own Lego Movie !!

Iron Man

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There should totally be an over the top version of Tony Stark in the Lego version where the character surpasses the humour of cinematic version. It would be awesome to see an Iron man story in Lego movie,  which would be a treat to watch on screen. The movie can exploit the fact that Tony is a egoistic brat and exaggerate his life and practical jokes for funnier effect. He can even have a better mandarin villain which was wasted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

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The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has surprised fans being a surprise hit. It has got every element to be a great Lego movie, the 70’s based music tones, the characters and the funny storytelling everything would work in the movie’s favor !


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Is there any other Marvel comic book character who is wackier and wittier than Deadpool ?? Naa !! So how about having his own crazy loud lego version ! he is a foul mouthed character who can also embrace this genre but in not so R rated fashion. He can even break the fourth wall as it would be hysterical for him to figure out that he is now a Lego toy ! ( And MCU characters can interact with X-Men such as Deadpool as there are no right issues in the Lego films )


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If there is any other character who is Universally loved then that is Spiderman. He is fun, he is witty, he has got great storytelling and Oh boy Spidey’s got humour ! Also we don’t mind characters like Hulk and Thor make appearances and play significant roles in one of these movies.



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X Men is a pretty big franchise with many heroes such as Cyclops, Professor X, Wolverine and Jean Grey have had many versions in movies so why not a lego version. Maybe a less serious lighter tone sprayed with humour and other Marvel characters will make for a great watch !

Fantastic Four And Silver Surfer

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Not the serious bad tone of 21st century fox but more of a recall from the Stanley characters form the comics. How about they mix it up with some fights with the Silver Surfer on a light tone of humour. Perfect!


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