10 Most Useful Websites You Should Visit Apart From Amazing Geek World

Want to kill your time ?? Have a look at these useful websites that you could not imagine that can solve your problems and kill boredom. We did not know that internet was so useful !!

radio.garden – Listen To Radio Across Any Place In The World

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Listen to radio from about just any country in the world !! Using this website you can tune into any radio channel around the world. Log into radio.garden and have fun with it RJ’s.

mathway.com – Solve Any Math Homework From Algebra to Calculus To Geometry

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This website can help you in your Maths homework and you can get rid of the test papers and formulas. Just chose the math subject and enter your problem to get the answer.

ocearch.com track sharks real time

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Now, this is really cool !! This is not exactly practical or advisable for some one telling you to track sharks ( they will track you and probably have your for breakfast ). But when you do it online, it is very safe !!

freecampsites.net – Find Free Camping Are Near You !!

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If you out from home or not, you can find free camping sites on this websites and go camping to your travel dreams coming to life.


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You can pick up all the ingredients that are currently in your fridge and this website will tell you the possible recipe to give yourself a tasty treat. So let the foodie life hack begin here !!


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This website can help you reach archived version of the websites from the past. Just enter the website and select a timeline to see how the website looked years ago. You can also use it to study your competitors or products !!


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This is a uniquely useful website. On Noisli you can select background noises which you want to hear during your college/office or during your homework. This is a great technological hack you can try to calm your mind!


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Ever wondered how people from different parts of the world sound like. Now you can go region specific and hear linguals and accents of people from around the world with this useful website !


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Do you have disturbed sleep cycles or wake up at night knowing what to do? Just enter the time you want to wake up to and this website will help you with a great schedule. This is really the kind of useful websites to be remembered by insomniacs.


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This is a pretty out of the box and interesting idea but worth spending your time. At this link, you can find out about what your browser knows about you by entering your details. Pretty creepy isn’t it  ?? Some people might even find this cute but who cares.


Apart from checking these useful websites, you can also have a great time at amazing geek world and do not forget to share with your friends.


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