10 Most Powerful Mutants in the X Men Universe

The Mutants are a very popular characters in the marvel comics. Mutants inherit all their powers form a genetic trait which is the X-Gene. The X-Gene allows the person to have superhuman abilities. Mostly in human form Mutants can have minor to Omega level powers.  There have been many development in the X Men Universe over the years with the addition of new characters and up gradation of many other existing mutants.  But there are some significant powerful X Men that stand above the others.  Here is our take on the most powerful Mutants from the X Men Franchise      




Nathan is an omega level mutant who has been genetically engineered in the Age Of Apocalypse. He is so powerful that he defeated Apocalypse. He gets his genes from Scott Summers and Jean Grey.


Magneto is mostly considered to be a nemesis of the X men but not many people know that he has been a part of the team on several occasions and he has also lead the team. he has not only control over the physical objects but he can manipulate complex magnetic fields in almost everything and get things done.

Professor Charles Xaviers

Professor Charles Xaviers has his ablities in telepathy but he can do much more than that. He has such precise control over his powers that he can manipulate minds, create visions and illusions and use his psionic abilities.

Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards is the son of Reed Richards and The Invisible Woman. He has some impressive psionic abilities. He also has some great reality warping ablities and control the universe while still being a child.

Iceman / Bobby Drake

Iceman is someone who has almost mastered thermodynamics. Iceman actually has the ability to absorb heat out of anything and create ice. He also special ice powers to freeze enemies and manipulate water molecules.

Jean Gray

Jean Grey is actually the most powerful Omega level mutant. She has telepathy and telekinetic powers. She is a Phoenix and had released psionic pulse and is next only to God and tribunal force in terms of power. She has also realized her potential as the primal force.


Vulcan is an extremely powerful mutant which posses vast amount of abilities. He can absorb and manipulate a lot of energy. He is also a master of force field projection and transformation. He also has regenerative abilities and can make energy blasts.


Cable is a very powerful mutant thanks to Jean Grey where he gets is psionic and telepathic abilities from. He can also travel time and control minds. he can also use his telekinetic powers to create force fields.

Hope Summers

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Hope summers is yet another powerful X Men mutant. Just like Jean Grey she possesses great telekinetic and telepathic powers. She is yet to realize her full potential with the Phoenix Force. her powers are fuly manifested when she is emotional or under threat.



Storm is a very capable mutant with the ability to control weather which makes her very powerful. She can not only control winds but also levitate with the same force. She can also create vision by seeing the electrical currents around her.


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