10 Powers of The Green Lantern Ring That Make It The Most Lethal Weapon In The DCEU !

Green Lantern is a pretty underrated character when it comes to DC Comics. But there is a lot that needs to be explored about the 1940’s origin DC Character. He is also yet to be a part of Justice League in Warner Bros cinematic outing. But hey you cannot not take such an old comic book character seriously. So in this post we will talk about a lot of things that you did not know. Here is an awesome post about the 10 Powers Of The Green Lantern Ring You Did Not Know About !!


1. Create A Shield Of Life Support

The Green Lantern who so ever it may be is required to travel across space and different places of the galaxy. So the Corps have the life support to protect them against the dangers and keep them going. This is the power of the ring.

2. Make A Superhero Costume

The Superhero costume is also reasonably great and can be shaped by the bearer’s imagination. Not only the main costume the ring can create any form of clothes making the wearer deceive anyone.

3. Create Anything You Can Imagine, Including The Ring Creating Itself !

The Green Lantern ring sure comes with a lot of powers which has limitless possibilities. So much so the one who possesses it can many any object in the universe once can imagine, it can even make a replica of itself in a new ring !

4. Can Contain And Preserve Souls !

The ring can go far beyond it’s physical dimensions as far as it’s limitations are concerned. Apart from other dimensional stuff it is also capable of many mystical things. In Kilwog series The Green Lantern has used the ring to preserve the souls of the entire planet.

5. Telepathy

These are one of the most impressive qualities of the ring. The bearer of the ring can easily be at many different places by projecting and teleporting across different corners of the universe.

6. Translation

This is one very useful power of the ring that you are not aware about. The highly intelligent ring can help a person translate almost any language across the galaxy and communicate with different alien spieces and also human languages.


7. Rapid Healing

Healing is yet another very useful function of the ring. This makes the superhero less vulnerable and more battle ready to take on different dangers across the galaxy.

8. Time Travel

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This one power puts the Green Lantern in line with any other super hero like the flash and Doctor Strange from the comics. It is insane that despite doing so much in the present realm it can also take you through different timelines !

9. Store Information

Apart from storing souls the ring can serve very important strategic function by storing a lot of information which can be later accesed for reference. Well then who needs a smartphone if you have this ring really  ??


10. Contain A Planet

If you have read this post and wondering all the while is there anything that the ring cannot do ?? Well then to your surprise you will find that it can even be used to contan a whole planet. The living sentient planet Mogo is also one example.



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