11 Award Winning National Geographic Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind

National Geographic is conducting the photographer of the Year 2017.  the nominees are up and the wording has been considered.  this year as seen one of the best pictures to  to exist in the world of wildlife photography.  some of the nominees are so amazing that it will change the way you look at planet Earth.  in the end the award was won by Sergio Tapiro Velasco of Mexico  for his awe strucking photography of lightning bolt with the cloud. Nevertheless the competition made up for one of the best submissions to National Geographic.  you can have a look at these pictures in the post down below.


Picture Source : National Geograpic

The Power Of Nature

Grand Prize Winner: The Power Of Nature, Rancho De Aguirre, Colima, Mexico

The Lightning Bolt in the background of volcanic eruption is one of the best perception that a photographer can help for nature with fascination.


Deep Ocean Dive

Third Place Winner, People: Under The Wave, Tavarua, Fiji

Marble Caves, Chile

Honorable Mention, Nature: Marble Caves, Torres Del Paine, Magallanes, Chile

Colourful Market Bangkok Thailand ( People’s Choice Award )

People's Choice Winner, Cities: Colorful Market, Bangkok, Thailand


Blessings At Besakih Bali

Honorable Mention, People: Blessings At Besakih, Bali

Certainly these moments of daily worship are worth noting and the photographer deserve all kudos for his perception of the scene.


Amsterdam New Holland Netherlands : The Interesting Moment

Second Place Winner, People: Interesting Moment, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

This piece of painting in Netherlands found some modern companionship and the photographer symbolic of humanity looking at itself ! Certainly deserving to be on the list of best National Geographic award winning photographs !


Forest Of The Fairy, Tamba Japan

Honorable Mention, Nature: Forest Of The Fairy, Tamba, Japan

Mount Bromo East Java Indonesia

Honorable Mention, Nature: Mt. Bromo, East Java, Indonesia

Oinukake, Miagi, Japan : Display From Nature !!

Second Place Winner, Nature: To Live, Oinukake, Miyagi, Japan


The Man;s Stare Gazipur Bangladesh

Honorable Mention, People: The Man's Stare, Gazipur, Bangladesh

This is really splendid Splash of art with bit of imagination thrown in and combinations of stuff !

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