11 Reasons Why The Avengers Can Beat Justice League Hands On !

You know how the Avengers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are the most celebrated superheroes on the big screen. While Justice League is also a great iconic DC title, but sadly they are yet to make an impression over the fans. There is no doubt that both the superhero teams are equally loved world over and have their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

But what if they go about battling each other ?? Who is going to win ?? We will let you pick your sides but only after you read our interesting take on the same. Have a look on why we think that the Avengers can take down the Justice League hands on !


1. The Brains – Tony Stark Taking on Bruce Wayne

When it comes to comparing the brain power of both the teams, Tony Stark takes the points as opposed to Bruce Wayne. While Bruce is an excellent strategist, Tony’s scientific prowess and the gadgets he posses makes him outbumber Batman in all aspects such as power and gadgetry ( A.I. systems, weapons etc ). Batman might have the blades and strategies, but he won’t be able to take so much damage from Iron man’s energy blasts.

2. Vision Single Handedly Out powers The Justice League

Vision is one big underrated member of the Avengers. He is literally a robotic God with superhuman abilities, good enough to take down all of the justice league. He has the ability to go through walls, shoot lasers, take any number of blasts ( made of vibranium ) and he can fly too.

3. Scarlet Witch Has Got Some Serious Magical Abilities

Is there someone who can even defeat Vision. The answer is Scarlet Witch and luckily she is on the Avengers side when they set a battle against Justice League. She has insanely powerful magical abilities to take down on whole of the DC superhero teams. It will also be interesting to see her team up against the Green Lantern Corps as they also use imagination to build objects for a fight.

4. About Doctor Strange A Wizard Who Can Manipulate Timelines

Doctor Strange is an extremely gifted superhero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is an extremely powerful sorcerer supreme who can go through multiple dimensions and manipulate timelines. Besides Doctor Strange is also a very powerful wizard with a lot of wits to offer. I mean he can stop, rewind or slow down time and even play with matter, now how’s that ?!?!!

5. When It Comes To Fight Strategies

The Justice league might be powered by really strong people like Wonderwoman, Superman, Aquamam and Green Lantern. But the Avengers can easily outwit the DC team when it comes to strategic minds being used in a battle of brawn and force. The likes of Captain America and Black Widow on the team can device some major tactics to get an advantage.

6. The Team Up

When it comes to the team-up, due to the pre-events of Avengers : Infinity Wars, the Marvel team has got major add-ons like Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Ant Man, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Spiderman and many other to fit the bill. While the DC team up is still up for a team up and is still gathering its members who are limited in numbers.

7. Experience

Now when it comes to experience too, the Avengers seems to have carved out a niche for themselves fighting huge set-ups of world threats and great super villains. On the other hand the DC have Batman who has got decades of experience fighting crime along with a much more experienced Wonder Woman who literally fights gods. But relative to the Avengers the JL team is still young with inexperienced members such as Flash and Cyborg just discovering their powers. The Marvel team is way too mature and the experience counts for sure !


8. Support From The People

When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, people continue to admire and support the Avengers despite many control controversies. They are seen as heroes. And when it comes to the DC Superhero team JL, they are yet to find and acceptance and love that superheroes get. The people in the DC are wither afraid of their heroes or simply do not understand them.


9. Ant Man Taking Down Cyborg And Flash

Ant-Man on the Avengers side can be used as a great surprise secret weapons. He can easily hide in places and plan attacks on the likes of Cyborg, dismantling his wires and making him incapable. Ant-Man can also be used as a trap to catch the flash by working strategies on a miniature level.


10. Spidey Taking On Aquaman And Others With His Spidey Sense

Spider-man is not the world’s most loved superhero for no reason !! After all spidey has got the spider sense to enable him to tackle all the evident battle related situation. One has seen the young Peter’s webbing up abilities against the Avengers in Captain America : Civil War. Spidey can easily web up Aqua man disabling him for any damage to do.


11. Thor And Hulk Team Up Against Superman

When it comes to the battle of superpowers then there is nobody that comes close to Superman. But Superman is just a modified Alien with superhuman abilities on Earth. The God Of Thunder can team up with Hulk to create lethal situations for Superman and his fellow Justice League members creating a sense of havoc !

We think that, bu this time around you probably know which side of the team to pick right ?? For more amazing insights on science, entertainment and technology, you can find a friend in amazing geek world. Please email us at amazinggeekworld@gmail.com for feedback and suggestions. You can also like us on facebook and show some support. Till then we hope you guys have a great time !!








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