11 Times Indian Movies Surprised Us With A Double Role Formula

Bollywood is not unfamiliar to the famous of double roles known by the lead characters. There have been various forms in the past the which were big blockbusters with actors like Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan Don in double roles.There is a good amount of entertainment when your lead hero or heroine gets to play double role.  it has also been established as a formula for successful  plot lines.  some movies in the recent past have introduced really unique storylines with the same old formula and surprise the audience with it.  Here is our take on the 11 Indian Films that surprised with the double role formula



This was one of the most entertaining film coming from Vishal Bhardwaj which had a very dark under tone. The very talented Shahid Kapoor is seen playing double role in the criminal best saga. Shahid Kapoor plays the role of Guddu and his criminal twin Charlie in the film.

Baahubali The Conclusion

Touted as the biggest opener and also the biggest blockbuster for Indian cinema the SS Rajamouli son is a great example with the lead actor plays a double role for better than the expectations of the audience.  Prabhas portrays the role of a dignified Amarendra Bahubali and an aggressive Mahendra Bahubali with the great conviction.


Dhoom 3


This was a more of an unexpected feet given the fact that there was no clue for a double role in the trailers of the film.  Aamir Khan is already known to be a great activity in performing stunts in the role of Sahir and summer and you can say that he completely need the part as a circus acrobat.  The movie also had an emotional storyline which was the motive for the main characters to rob a bank and bring it to it’s knees.


Salman Khan sure has the acting talent and comic timing to play a double role in movies like Judwa. He plays Raja and Prem Malhotra, two contrasting characters with en effortless ease. The movie was equaly entertaining and proved that lead actors could again experiment with multiple roles in one film.

Om Shanti Om

Om Shanti Om was a typical Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan blockbuster that people still cherish and remember. Shah Rukh Khan plays Om Prakash Makhija And Om Kapoor (O.K.) to provide great entertainment value to the audience.

8 x 10 Tasveer

8×10 Tasveer was one of the most underrated murder mystery movies of it’s times. Till the very end of the film you have no idea that Akshay Kumar was playing his own identical twin ( that too in a negative role ). The movie had great surprising elements but bombed at the box office.

Rowdy Rathore


This Akshay Kumar starrer had blockbuster written all over it. It was a remake of Vikramaduttu ( an excellent film made by S.S Rajamouli ). Akshay Kumar plays the role of a fearless cop and makes up for the rest by playing a comical role with Shiva who comes to the rescue for the cop’s daughter.



Ra.One was a greatly impressive experimental film from the megastar Shah Rukh Khan. It featured SRK in an interesting double role situation with the character of a game designer as well of G.One who is a game character brought to life with new technology. The movie might not have impressed critics but it was worth of a try by the lead actor.



There is no question about the talent of Rajnikanth and his director Shankar when it comes to making larger than life cinema. This movie was a great sci-fi attempt with Rajni Sir playing the role of Dr Vasikaran and also the adorable Robo turned evil Chitti.



The movie was a greatly anticipated remake of Superstar Amitabh Bacchan’s Don. While it was a great hit in it’s time, writer-director Farhan Akhtar introduced a great plot twist in the film with the negative character surviving over the good guy Vikay. nevertheless it was an SRK show all the way !!


This was one movie which was panned by the auudience as well as by the critics. But this movie deserves applaud for it’s interesting subject. Shah Rukh plays himself as the larger than life star Aryan Khanna with Gaurav Channa is also portrayed by the leading actor. The movie had great CGI making the concept possible.


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