11 Pokemon Go Characters Inspired From Real Life Animals !

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Pokemon have remained to be one of the most inspiring animated series for children from the 90s.  While Pokemon is one of the most intelligently scripted Japanese cartoon which makes a really good connect with your audience.  And there is good amount of research that goes into making Pokemon Go .  The recent example for success of Pokemon is Pokemon o which is an Augmented reality based games in the real world.  the franchise continues to win over the old and new fans to their amazing innovations.  the reason why Pokemon is so loved is because the concept is very very relatable to the real audience. In this interesting Bose we will look at some Pokemons which have been directly inspired by real life animals.  You can scroll down and find out for yourself :


Poliwag and Translucent Tadpole

Poliwag/Translucent Tadpoles

So finally we know that the swirls on Poliwag’s stomach are not for no reason. They signify the intestines on the translucent tadpole !! Isn’t it such a beautiful adaptation ??

Caterpie and Eastern Swallowtail Caterpillar

Caterpie is still one of the most fascinating well thought Pokemon Go first generation character. No wonder it has got it’s awesome design tail and antenna’s from a real Eastern Swallowtail.


Mudkip and Axolotl



Magikarp and Yellow Eye Rockfish



Krookodile and Gharial



Vileplume and Rafflesia Arnoldii

Chatots and Yellow Collared Lovebirds

It was not very hard to guess but then nature has all it’s colours !

Victreebeel and Pitcher Plant

This Pokemon Go character wasn’t very tough to guess but hey, the yellow colour on the pokemon has also been adapted from the real plant !!

Sandslash And Pangolin

Drowzee And Malayan Tapir


 Shellos And Chromodoris Lochi



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