24 Pahadi Life Memes That You Can Relate To Only If You Are A True Pahadi

It is quite fun a feeling to be a Pahadi. If you are living anywhere in India and you identify yourself as a Pahadi then you will forever have these stories and memories that you non pahadi friends do no understand. But there is always something very endearing about us. Have a look at these illustrations and take a trip down the memory lane !  Have fun with these :


Note : All images Source : eUttranchal

Creative Credits : Ajay Singh


1. And those were the days….

And those were the days we enjoyed hanging out without the stress of city life !

2. But you also cannot beat the nostalgia of going back to your place..


3. This is also the best part !

4. And how much did we enjoy making such connections

And when you go back after years, nothing is going to change!


And you always have that uncle helping you out of all the weird stuff

What fun !


What a treat and the fact that you miss those events in your city life.



This is quite relatable.


What a contrast to be living in. But a pahadi will always remain a pahadi even when living away from home.

This is probably the best one and even the stories about school and what happened thereafter.

Only we would ever understand that sturggle !!


And here comes the best bit.. Pahadi Weddings and Vacations

Haha, did we not all loving doing all this as a kid. And whatever be the occasion we were ready to serve our neighbors just as they were our chosen relatives. How cool is that, although it is a thing that only we people would understand.

Can’t match the thrill !


Those open-air classrooms with all the lessons and fun lined up. What memories we created the city kids cannot relate to it.

And those stories we had hardly had a match !!



Just the food things ! 😉

And you cannot match that fun !




And it always gets way more fun…


How can you match that !!


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