2019 Upcoming Movies From Marvel And DC Are More Charged Up Than You Thought

So we guys are already into 2019 thinking that this could not be a better year for the comic book fans but for real, there are great movies which are 2019 upcoming movies line up from Marvel and DC which will make this year look a little bit more humble. no that we are comparing but a lot of things have changed with the DC studio heads going serious at Warner Bros and Disney acquiring major fox characters that will be seen in the MCU.

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Well that is all a good enough reason to be having us tell you the lisr for 2019 Upcoming movies from Marvel and DC that are more charged up then you think ! Check them out

New Mutants

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New Mutants movie will be based on the comic book storyline. After the events of Logan the New Mutants have been teased. his might be a good watch for comic book fans who like different genre films.

Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel is another amazing MCU character who is set to have her own solo film. Also Marvel looks to repeat the Woman Super Hero success with their addition in the 2019 upcoming movies line up.


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Shazam was a great character in the comics and the DC Animated films. The character is set to get a good lanch in the DC Universe in 2019 and is also all set to get a villain in Black Adam. This would be important as we would be getting more characters uptill Flashpoint.

Avengers 4

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This does not get better. The epic Avengers Infinity War will get a sequel in the untitled Avengers film. With many contracts coming to an end and major character deaths, Marvel seems to be outing their best in this May 2019 release.


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Yet another movie under the MCU umbrella, this would make for another origin story of this X-Men Character. We would not mind more X-Men films if they also feature the likes of Spider Man and Deadpool.

Spiderman Homecoming 2

Spiderman Homecoming 2 will be set a few minutes after the events of Avengers Infinity War, just like the first part which was based few minutes after Civil War. We can expect more Spiderman Villains in the MCU and nothign gets better than that.

Wonder Woman 2

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Wonder Woman single handedly is the most successful DC superhero movie under Warner Bros. Patty Jenkins earlier this year revealed that Wonder Woman 2 will be set in a different tone than it’s prequel but it may not be set in the present timeline. But we will surely watch out for this one only for Gal Gadot.

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