4 Reasons Why We Think Justice League Might Do The Trick For DC Movies

Haha, the cat is finally out of the box. Now that comic book fans have already seen Marvel movies prove their mettle, it is time DC movie universe bounce back with Justice League. The posters and teasers are already out and thanks to Batman v Superman, fans already know how the super hero ridden DC cinematic Universe looks like.

Somehow we think that a cameo from Wonder Woman and sloppy plot for Batman v Superman did not quite do the trick for the DC fans. But if you anticipate a greater set-up for Justice league, you might be in for a treat. Here are 4 reasons why we think the Justice League franchise might change things for DC Cinematic Universe.


1. The Flash Gets A Bigger Showcase After A TV Series

Marvel fans have already seen how much The Flash is capable of when it comes to pulling the best of gimmicks in his small tornado stricken universe, but luckily the cinematic adaptation does not seem to disappoint as well. Look at this Justice League teaser and decide for yourself :


2. The Comic Book Assemble Heroes Should Be A Treat To Watch

The DC Cinematic Universe might have failed to have caught the fancy of the critics but it surely does not lag behind when it comes to comic book storyline back ups. You know how much you have loved the series on comics and animated versions. Just wait and watch to get Titans like Wonderwoman and Aquaman join hands with our already established superheroes. ( Affleck, Cavill )

3. Superman Might Get A Grounding He Missed

Well it is quite a surprise that one of the most iconic comic book characters is yet to make a memorable run on the cinematic front, but our favourite childhood hero gets a resurrection with a bad-ass new suit being teased for the new movie. The comeback will be even more so special as it proves that even our hero can be vulnerable !

4. Ben Affleck Gets To Lead The Pack

Image result for the flash unite the league

There has been enough of a buzz why Affleck is the Batman we deserved and getting Batman to use his leadership skills on the so called “raw-superheroes”. It would totally be fun to watch how DC sets the pieces right. But by the tone of it, it looks like they have something far better then Avengers to offer. We are not boasting but this is how iconic the DC superhero team is !

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