5 Marvel Characters Which Black Panther Can Defeat

In this post, we are going to specifically talk about T’Challa and his impressive combat skills. He has been introduced in Captain America: Civil War in 2015 marvel cinematic universe outing. Apart from that there is also a solo movie featuring Black Panther.

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T’Challa is now a very worthy Marvel hero having access to the country that holds the majority of the vibranium produced in Marvel storylines, not to forget the King Of Wakanda himself wears a vibranium made the costume, he also has great powers like strength and ability. So surprisingly here is a list of Marvel characters that Black Panther can defeat !!

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Colossus has a organic steel skin. Colossus is guarded with great stamina strength and durability and is a very tough enemy to take down. Black Panther’s vibranium suit although can absorb all the attacks from him and his anti-metal claws can bring Colossus down to his knees.


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Spiderman is a great Marvel character and has great abilities overpowering Black Panther such as speed, agility and spidey sense. Only thing where our spidey is vulnerable is the physical strength required to get through the vibranium suit. He can use webbing against Black Panther but won’t be very successful given T’Challa’s prowess with claws and gadgets. As soon as Black Panther gets close to Spiderman he can defeat him with punches and vibranium shielded attacks,

Iron Man
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Tony Stark is a great inventor and has gained a cult status even in the marvel cinematic universe. But then again apart from the flight ability T’Challa has a lot to offer to the table. Also the vibranium suit for the Wakandaian king can take any number of blows from Iron Man. So do not be surprised if

The Mandarin ( Comic Book Origins )

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The real Mandarin was born in China and has been trained in science and combat. He has access to alien extraterrestrial rings. T’Challa here has some strategic advantage apart from his ability to absorb power blows from the Mandarin rings. And the worst that Wakandian King can do is cut off Mandarin’s hands with hsi claws. That is game over for his powers !


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Now Namor is powerful inside of water but T’Challa can easily manage to go through that. For Namor also being away from water has the same effect of kryptonite to Superman. In a battle situation also Black Panther can manage to take the blows and use him to his advantage.


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