5 Mistakes That We All Make In Our Love Life Which End A Relationship !!

So, geeks, relationship issues is one thing that we rarely talk about. But ignorance is bliss for many and this is the problem. In this post, we will explore some mistakes that we all make that lead to the end of a relationship. And there are many issues in our love life that we do not even talk about.

We Put I Before Us

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Many people get into a relationship but they forget the fact that the foundation of love is not designed to cater to any selfish interests. Some people will never stop putting the I before the “us”, eventually leading to a breakup. Sad love life !

We Don’t Like To Prioritize

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Efforts are made towards the social validation of “being with someone”. But many times it is not possible for people to even organize their priorities. Sometimes it is the work life, some times it is the friends and even sometimes it is the person responsible.

We Break Promises

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Some say that promises are meant to be broken. Only people who do value and nurture bonds know this. If you break most of the promises, you are not going far in your love life.

We Don’t Talk About Issues

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Now there are two people, both being so genuine in their approach to be with each other. Now as time passes you see issues cropping up. The mistake that people make in their love life is that they let the issue take away from them and even leave the relationship without explanation.

We Look For Excitement, Thrill And Not Stability That Comes With Love

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Yea that is where the biggest culprits are. Rarely does someone these days wants to invest in the relationships. People just want everything quick and easy. There is so much thrill and awesomeness in today’s lives but it is a very shallow replacement for deep interpersonal relationships. Other things appear but we need not run after them.

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