5 Reasons Why Deadpool 2 Will Be The Best X-Men Movie !

Well looks like we had a lot of comic book movies in the past and Deadpool 2 also makes it to the list with another yet much awaited movie which as comics as the source material. With the kind of genre it is based in merc with a mouth is the most notorious Marvel character to date. And with the suprise hit Deadpool ( 2016) he has become one of the highest rated X-Men frnachises also the one one the box office. This is too much of awesomeness to be achieved. The trailer is out for Deadpool 2 and you can watch it here :


The Action Sequences

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Last time the movie was just a small budget affair with soem great action sequences and the best of inputs form Ryan Reynolds making the character of Deadpool come alive. This time we have also the good and fox put their money into the sequel of their highest grossing X-Men film. The trailer is proof of just that.

Cable From The Future

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The Cable brings some seriousness into the movie teaser not to mention the fact that is is totally ruined by Deadpool with hsi humour. But the character that has some X Men story with beign a mutant form the future is a promising addition to this X-Men film.

Deadpool Humour

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There is no escaping this bland yet most loved Marvel character ( okay maybe not the most loved but the most liked R-rated character ) on screen having his dream project in this Fox outing and Boy ! we are so excited. No connections to the mCU yet but awesome on it’s own. Not ot forget that Deadpool takes a dig at Thanos and Josh Brolin with the Infinity stone remark and also mentions the CGI arm, a slight insult to Superman’s infamous CGI moustache from Justice League ! Now that is breaking the fourth wall at it’s best.

X-Men Universe

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The movie brings back some of the X-Men characters and a few additions here and there makign it worth a watch.

The Endless Team Ups

We have Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Deadpool and Cable and the screen is already on fire. This is just the best surprise trailer for this year. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Till then keep coming back for more !

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