5 Reasons Why Venom Movie Should Be Based In The MCU

The Venom has been a greatly awaited movie that the Spiderman fans will get to see. Thankfully Tom Hardy gets to don the mantle of the anti-hero symbiote which is a movie produced under Sony Pictures. After Kevin Feige had come with Sony executives the fans had een curious as to how the Venom or the spider verse will connect to the MCU. As of now we know that Spiderman Homecoming 2 will be based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Tom Holland reprising the role of Spiderman.

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Marvel is also mostly secretive about the plans and the director of the Venom movie has hinted that there might be a surprise for the fans. This has lead to theories that people have speculated. On of which is that Venom could connect to the MCU. This may or may not be true. Here are 5 Things That Will Happen If Venom was based in the MCU :


More Spiderman Villains

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If you have Venom in the movie then people have hinted that you might also get Carnage as a villain. This means that even if MCU did not establish many major spidey villains, Sony pictures csn !

Tom Holland Might Make Cameos To Sony And Vice Versa

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Tom Holland should make offer an interesting addition to the Spider Verse where he is that sincere Peter parker that gets to interact with the Venom. Not to forget the venom once had Spiderman as his host !

Sony Will Get Better Script

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If Marvel even though secretly is any which way involved in the Venom movie then SOny might as well break its curse of bad spider verse plans. If they get the better script and Marvel gets to keep the character, the fans are in for a blast. Also Tom Hardy will be an awesome Venom !

We Get To Retain Spiderman In MCU For Future Films

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If Sony continues to expand it’s projects and somehow justified it’s timeline then we get better view of films in the future. Sony might renew it’s contract with Marvel. This means that we will also get more of Tom Holland’s Spider Man after the similar events of Venom movie.

More Spark To Phase 4

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Many Actors Have Ended Their Contract With Marvel; after the second Infinity War movie. Spiderman without a doubt still a beloved character that makes it out of Phase 3. If we see full creative control then we might see cameos of likes of Doctor Strange, Carnage, Deadpool etc in phase 4 movies given that Spiderman universe is still unexplored in the MCU.

What do you think of the possibilities. We all think that it will be alive and kicking. Let us know what you think in the comments section below ! For more quirky updates from the world of comic books, science and technology keep coming back to amazing geek world






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