6 Amazing Abilities Of The Flash Apart From Super-Speed

The Flash is one of the least explored superhero’s in the DC Comic Universe. But there is more to him than just super-speed agility. There are these unexplored powers of the flash you probably would love to know about. Check these out :


1. He Can Travel Time

The Flash in simple terms can travel faster than the speed of light. Therefore he i the only superhero to break this law of physics. Although he cannot control where he reaches in time, and for how long he stays there.


2. He Can Go Past Walls

The Flash has the ability to match his body vibrations to the vibrations of other objects. So he vibrates so fast that he can actually go past walls. We bet even Superman cannot do that, although he can break walls.

3. Super Speed Healing and Enhanced Vision

The Flash has a heightened sense of sight, giving him the ability to remember every minute detail and act. Also the flash has some great strength, giving him the ability to heal himself and endure injuries.

4. Mental Capacity

Not just the speed, the flash can read and brainstorm at the speed of light. This makes him channel a lot of information, making him super agile mentally.

5. Creating Speed Force Cortex

This is probably one of his coolest of superpowers. The Flash can run at the speed of light in circles. This gives him the ability to create speed force vortexes, this means that he can contain damages from any super-villains with ease.

6. Physical Agility

Apart from being the fastest thing alive in the DC comic universe, the flash also has super strength agility. He can endure any amount of damage and stay sturdy against the most powerful of super-villains.


This pretty much sums up The Flash as being the most powerful being in the DC Comics. Hope you like our takes on comic book characters. Keep coming back to amazing geek world.com for more.





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