6 Amazing Powers You Did Not Know Optimus Prime From Transformers

Optimus Prime is the most respected member of Autobots who leads the cybertronic conquest against the Decepticons. Everyone knows that Optimus Prime is feared even by his most difficult of enemies. From the comic books, he has defeated Megatron with ease but the Prime carries a lot of weight than we know. here are 6 Powers Of Optimus Prime From Transformers. Scroll down and check out.


Lazer Axe Hand

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Optimus Prime might not be prompted to take action so soon, but if he has to then he can pretty much shut out most of his enemies. Optimus Prime can make use of laser hands. He can also axe his enemies like that.


Fire Truck

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There are many variations of Optimus Prime in the comics and also in the animated series. The Fire truck is also one transformation of Autobots head. A deviation from his usual style of fighting, he becomes a fire fighter with fire blasts and a firetruck for the transformation part.

Energy Blasts From Eyes

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This is a pretty cool cyclops like ability gained by Optimus Prime. He can shoot powerful laser beams from his eyes and cut his enemies into the half. As much power as Prime has, he does not like to show all his powers at once.

Blizard Storm

The Blizzard Storm is a reserved variation of Optimus Prime’s powers. In one episode of the Transformers, Optimus was able to freeze an erupting Volcano with the Blizzard Storm attack.

Jet Optimus

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The whole credit here does not go to Prime, Jet Optimus is a combination of him and Jetfire combining into one. The ability was mostly utilized on Cybertron and when Jet Optimus first appeared on Earth, everyone was surprised.

Swing Lines Like Spiderman

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This one ability gives our Autobot hero a strategic advantage. Being bulky and powerful, the Prime can do other pretty cool stuff too !! He can swing and escape situations with using his spider like strings and even dodge attacks like that!


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