6 Biggest Comic Book Movie Twists of All Times

Comic book movies are known to introduce one of the best and most iconic characters to the big screen. Mostly with all the comics the audience is familiar with the premise on which the superheroes and other characters are based on.  But there is always a surprise element when it comes to major studios coming about with their comic book movies to the big screen.  

The audience is most likely to judge what kind of direction the movies have.  Take example with the Avengers and Justice League you most probably know who is going to win the battle.  And you also know who is the good guy, who is the bad guy thanks to the rich comic book history of these movies.  But in this post we are going to expose one of the biggest and most shocking comic book movie twists that have the audience guessing in their seats.  We are glad that happened in the post right below :


Loki replaces Odin in Thor The Dark World


Thor The Dark World was majorly box office failure  but the film can be particularly remembered for its cliffhanger scene.  Loki is seen to sacrifice his life for thought to defeat Malekith. The emotional scene was left to the shock of the audience when thought turns on 2 Odin to tell about Loki well there it turns out that low key has replaced Odin on his throne and smiles  in the end of the film.


Bucky Kills  Harvard And Maria Stark

This one secret was left for the end of the Captain America civil war.  it was one of the most shocking comic book movie  twist of all time.  the secret was so dark that it  almost Over The Avengers apart.  it did a great will damage to Captain America and Ironman that even the audience would not have an answer to.


Sir Patrick Morgan is Ares

Wonder Woman was  pitched as one of the most surprising DC movies of all times. the movie provided  a fresh undertone different from the cynical mood of the Zack Snyder films. Gal Gadot won many hearts for her portrayal of female superhero who wants to save the world.  in the end she is disappointed as there is no Ares humanity was the real villain.  But this surprises us when Sir Patrick Morgan is the real Ares that she was looking for.


Talia Al Ghul in the Dark Knight Rises


Christopher Nolan was known for his acclaimed The Dark Knight series.  The last film of the Trilogy had not one but two villains. Bane was the obvious antagonist  but the audience was surprised when Miranda stabs Batman and reveals  herself to be Talia al Ghul. 


Ego the father of Star Lord is a really bad  guy

Guardians Of Galaxy volume 2 is one of the most fun movies to come out from Marvel in a long time.  but looks like in the second part of the sci fi comic book movie Star Lord has to deal with daddy issues.  Ego is known to be a very powerful planet and also Peter’s fat. In the end it is revealed that ego had killed Peter’s mother  and proves to be a really bad  guy.

The Mandarin is a spoof in the Iron Man 3

This is one of the most pathetic comic book movie twists of all time. Mandarin is an iconic Ironman villain from the comics which was played by Ben Kingsley.  audiences really disappointed when Mandarin is shown to be a put up  as a scope to hide the real Mandarin.


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