6 Comic Book Superhero Vehicles That Actually Exist

Being a superhero fan there are many many things that you dream if having. Some of them you will find on this list. In this post we will talk about real life superhero vehicles based  on live action comic book characters.  It might be surprising bu the technological has gone far ahead micing and even recreating these superhero vehicles which belong to your favourite characters.  We might not have access to these for buying but surely you can have a look at the list and find out !


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The X-Jet is a popular aircraft used by the X-Men team for transporation.  The vehicle is superhero in every sense. It has an incredible speed which enables our heroes to reach on time and save the world. The beast of an aircraft actually exists for real ! It is an SR-71 Blackbird. it flies to a 2,193 miles/hour. It even has the equipment to fire missiles.

Silver Surfer Board

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A board similar to the Silver Surfer board has been built which can fly above surfaces without touching it.  The Lexus hoverboard uses the levitating force above the ground. It uses a superconductor and liquid nitrogen and can also be used above the surface of the water.

The Tumbler

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There is hardly any Batman fan who has not dreamt of owning a batmobile. The Tumble was first seen in the Dark Knight. Teh tumble is an actual prototype. The Tumble mostly exists in the form of custom designed cars making them look like batmobile. James IV and Batmobile 4 are 2 examples of that.

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Transformer Car – BMW Convertible

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Transformers are loved all over the world. They mainly consist of world-saving Autobots and destructive alien semi machines – The Decepticons. There has been a lot of development in the robotics and automobile Industry resulting in this one heck on a BMW convertible. This even has a remote controls.

Hell Cycle

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The Hell Cycle is a one really cool piece of work form the comics coming to the movies. It need not be powered by fuel because it is powered straight from the Hell! It can easily move on buildings and on water! What makes this bike special is that it can be moved on the will of it’s rider. Honda has taken one step in this direction by creating an autonomous bike that can follow and recognize it’s owner and runs on electric power. It can even balance itself.  Some efforts have been made by combining jet engines to bike for super speed too. There are even users who can run a bike on burning tire and one that runs on water. All these tech combined in future can easily get us a Hell Cycle.


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This is totally the best thing on this list.  If you have ever envisioned yourself as the Dark Knight, Bat-Pod is one of the gadgets that you would want to own. This crazy bike has got great big tyres, can fire missiles and guns and even has impeccable maneuverability.  The Batpod exists for real and has been built in many prototypes. These Batpods built by fans are even affordable built on budgets but you cannot use these to fight crime like Batman does.


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