Everything You Need To Know About The Powerful Infinity Stones From The MCU

The infinity stones are pretty much the focal point of the marvel cinematic universe. Although you do not see them playing the major plot drivers, most of the infinity stones have had appearances in all major Marvel outings. What is so exciting that they lay the foundation for the biggest Marvel outing to date : Avenger’s infinity Wars Part I and II. Here are some interesting insights on why these gems are important and what they are capable of :


1. The Power Gem

This is the most vital of all the infinity stones as it powers all the other gems present in the marvel universe. It gives the bearer increased strength and durability, making them almost invincible and in extreme cases even destructive. The gem was last found in an Orb by Star Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy.


2. The Time Gem

This gem as you guys may have guessed made an appearance in the recent Marvel sci-fi outing, Doctor Strange. This Infinity Stone can make you travel time or even slow it or speed it up as per your convenience. It can help the user peep into the past/future and can also slow down/speed up aging. If possessed by a mastermind, it can create a havoc with some one like Thanos manipulating with the timelines, making things bad for our heroes.

3. Space Gem

The space gem as the name suggests can help you travel across places in the space, and it can do pretty cool things like teleportation ! The space infinity stone lies in a Tesseract, first stolen by Loki and later sent to Odin’s treasure room under the guidance of the S.H.I.E.L.D.

4. Soul Gem

This is probably the most secretly guarded infinity stones of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The soul gem is can apparently help you observe, attack or even steal someone’s soul ! You can also use the gem to send someone into their natural state. What lies ahead for this kind of power, only future Marvel movies can tell. But the stone is probably possessed by Heimdall, the guardian who protects the gate of Asgard from outer entities and evil spirits.

5. Reality Gem

This is probably the most charismatic of all the infinity stones. And let us tell you it can pretty much do everything from bending reality to creating cosmic illusions. Basically you can break any natural law with this stone, which has the ability to convert matter into anti-matter while the stone itself being into a lifeless state. the gem in a liquid state lies with the Asgardians after the events of Thor : The Dark World ( When Malkeith was left powerless as he tried to acquire the infinity stone )

6. Mind Gem

The mind gem was first handed by to Loki by Thanos in the first Avengers movie. It was embedded in the Loki-Scepter and gave Loki psionic/psychic abilities including playing with other people’s mind with the use of empathy and other super abilities like teleportation and moving objects. Now imagine if Loki could do so much with just one stone, what potential does Thanos have with everything on the pallete.

7. Special Mention  The Infinity Gauntlet

The infinity gauntlet had been specifically designed to hold the six most powerful gems in the Universe. The possibilities are endless. You can bend realities, manipulate times, shift paradigms, create a havoc with destruction and even steal souls. The build up is great we are quite impressed with how Marvel has weaved the infinity stones storyline over a span of movies.


What lies ahead, only the biggies in the business know. But the infinity stones can be credited as the best antagonist weapon ever used in the history of comic/cinematic entertainment. Now you know what these stones are for and where they’re found. We hope you relish our amazing geek world exclusives. If you like our work, please like share and comment !


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