6 Movies That Used Accurate Science Are Total Geek Paradise

Humans in history have used movies for long as referal sources to their own relaities. But do we take our movies seriously ?? Not so much. But there are actually instances where movies have shown us a mirror in a way to understand our own lives better. For geeks like me the most fascinating facet of life remains science. Here is presenting a list of some great movies that have used accurate science :


1. Her

The movie shows us a peek into what could be NASA’s actual future. Also the possibility of human’s getting attached to artificial intelligence does not seem very far fetched. The film won acclaim from critics and some computer scientists liked it too.

2. Interstellar

Also given Christopher Nolan’s reputation, the majority of film was quite accurate when it came to the portrayal of cinematic science. The film showed that how time could pass differently in space. Director Nolan specially worked with astrophysicist Kip Thorne. ( from California Institute of Technology ).

3. Doctor Strange

It is surprising for a film from comics which is all about magic and cross dimensional travelling to have anything to do with science. But this is the reason we love Marvel so much, they like tho base their scripts into science and reasoning. The movies uses pretty much of mystical magic but astrophysicist said that the movie has some scientific base given the possibility of existing multiverses when a quantum event happens or an atom radioactively decays.

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