6 Movies That Used Accurate Science Are Total Geek Paradise

4. Minority Report

Although the possibility of a group of psychics predicting a murder before it happens isn’t very scientifically accurate, but the technology used in the movie had a lot of research and actual science behind it. Some real life computer engineers were used to create the next gen computer systems. Also retina scaners, motion tracking computer interface and projective screens are a current thing in technology by today.


5. Blade Runner

This movie is considered a classic in the genre of science fiction. The film did a great job at the portrayal of android replicas in a distant future. Many specialists regard this movie to have used accurate science to perfectly mirror into our upcoming future.

6. Arrival

Director Dennis Velleneuve lifted the story directly from the novel “Story Of Your Life”. The film-makers worked really hard on getting help from scientists and innovators in telling this story of mankind’s first contact with Aliens. The film uses some pretty accurate science for the depiction and presentation.


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