The 7 Best Action Scenes In DC Movies That Blew Away Comic Book Fans!

The DC movies have earned a lot of credit for begin dark, gruesome and violent films that bring out the worst in superheroes and super villains. But what outshines the audience is that there is always goodness beating down the badness ( if that s an undertone you have understand from the DC Comics cinematic adaptations). As much as we criticize the DC films for showing dark scenes and night sequences, we equally love the more serious action scenes in the movies carved out from the DC extended Universe. Keeping that in mind, here is our list of the “7 Best Action Scenes In DC Movies Of All Time”. Scroll down and enjoy our compilation!

Krypton Battle Scene – Man Of Steel

The civilian war scene on Krypton is essential to the plot of Superman escaping his planet landing on Earth. General Zod unleashed havoc on the planet killing the Kal El’s father and mother. Although Jor El is able to save the codex from Zod only to be later killed in the sequence.

Batman Vs Superman – Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice

The fight sequence featuring Bruce Wayne head to head with Man Of Steel is actually the biggest and best action scenes in DC movies. In the confrontation between Batman and Superman both heroes prove to be an equal nemesis to each other. The fight ends in Batman overpowering Superman but the final settlement ends with Bruce and Clark setting aside their differences for greater good.

General Zod Vs Superman

Man Of Steel was not the best acclaimed DC movies of all times but we surely had the guilty pleasure of watching the loud and violent action scenes which were all about power and muscle. The fight sequence featuring General Zod and Superman leads to mass destruction over the town of Metropolis with Man Of Steel piercing through buildings like a bullet and General Zod causing equal damages to his rival.

Batman Warehouse Rescue Scene Batman V Superman

The Batman V Superman Warehouse action scene is one of the most stylized and well choreographed action scenes in the DC Extended Universe featuring Ben Affleck’s beefier version of Batman taking down a whole gang of kidnappers. This scene is the reason why we believe that Zack Synder’s version of Batman has an expertise in fighting street crime and petty thugs with arms. The martial arts and power prowess of Ben Affleck’s version of the Dark Knight add more realistic edge to the scene.

Truck Chase Scene : The Dark Knight

The truck chase action scenes is one of the examples of why The Joker can cross any limits of insanity and remains a criminal mastermind. In the rescue scene of Batman trying to save Harvey Dent,  he even sacrifices his Batpod and later Joker blows away a helicopter. The scene where the Joker walks up to Batman with the latter chasing him on a batmobile is also so iconic that we still remember it clearly.

Ideas Are Bulletproof : V For Vendetta

The Ideas are bulletproof scene is another example of why DC movies are so iconic when it comes to the action scenes, sometimes even topping Marvel movies. In this scene Vendetta follows a stylized sow motion scene almost killing everybody with just a knife.

Crash This Plane : The Dark Knight Rises

Not every great action scene is one pulled one by the heroes, this one is pulled of by Bane who is a super villain. Tom Hardy’s role does justice to the comic book villain and marks one of the best anti-hero entry scenes in the movies. Bane follows some very relaistic action with the plane crashing and he escapes.


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