7 DC Character Storylines That DCEU Needs To Establish Right Away To Get A Bigger DC Universe

The DC character storlines have got the greatest potential for cinema, which is yet to be seen. All we have seen is the Zack Snyder version of Batman taking on Superman and then Justice League. Man Of Steel was the first movie to establish DC character storylines. Now that Justice League has already made it’s way hurried up, there is a lot that needs to be sorted before DCEU can look up for a bigger Universe.

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There are always conencting dots that lead to a bigger picture. So far JL has already dealt with major character introduction. You cannot compare it to the MCU which was chalked 10 years ago and is going very strong. There are some major DC character storylines that we need to see on the big screen and nto just cameos for a comic book accurate movie universe. Here is having a look at them !


1. Green Lantern ( Hal Jordan )

There is a reason that why he is number one on the list. He should have been part of the Justice League film. The DC character storylines of the Green Lantern Corps is yet to be made into a movie. A green lantern ring was teased in a way against Zeus in JL but how Hal Jordan makes it as the Green Lantern in DCEU is yet to be established.


2. Darkseid

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This is pretty obvious. Darkseid is a God like DC villain with Omega beam powers. He is the reason why conflict took place in the first JL movie. But where is he ?? Darkseid needs to be established with great character motivation, but we need our heroes in place first !

3. Reverse Flash

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The reverse Flash is the arch nemesis of Barry Allen The Flash. He has been quite a tease in the DC animated series and also appeared in the Flashpoint animated movie. The character will surely make it to the DC character storylines but how they do it is completely up to the studio.

4. Night Wing

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The Night Wing is yet another character associated with Batman which is also rather oconic. Dick Grayson is a character in the DC  is rather a darker more trained take on the Robin where the character is dismissed as his teengaer role for RObin and takes a much more serious mantle training with Batman. he has a high flying acrobatic costume and great martial art skills.


5. Death Stroke

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Now a cameo is not exactly a character establishment but it does the trick. Death Stroke can be seen as one of the most potent and comic book accurate character fro the DCEU which can bring more seriousness as an arch nemesis to Batman. He might further appear in soem more movies like The Batman and Justice League 2.


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Captain Marvel of the DC Universe AKA SHAZAM brings the element of sorcery to the Justice League.  Billy Batson is a troubled child who has acquired the power of an ancient wizard named SHAZAM. All he has to do is to utter the name and become as powerful. He has also been described to be in line with Superman when it comes to strength. The characters that need be estalished also need to suit the mood and scripting for the future DC movies.

7. Batman Villains

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There we go, if we have a worthy Batman in Ben Affleck, then we also need to extend the Batman Universe. A spin off on the Gotham crime stories would also be great if we have our Batman in it. SOem backstories and fresh stories with The Riddler, The Freeze, Bane, Two Face, Catwoman etc would make for a worthy watch. These characters can also give more credibility to DCEU if done right.


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