7 Cool Things You Did Not Know About The Periodic Table

The Periodic Table  is an arrangement of elements in a systematic order based on the number of atoms and their physical characteristics.  you might remember it as a Chemistry lesson that did not interest you.  or maybe more homework which you had to do in order to practice the periodic table.  but there is no denying the fact that periodic table has great scientific significance and adds to our understanding  of different elements. Here are 7 cool facts you did not know about the Periodic Table


The table is known as periodic because  the rows in the arrangement are known as periods

And you had been wondering there was  scientific research or something behind the name ? Actually it is very simple. The rows in the periodic table are known as periods !!

It was a great cheat sheet for the scientist of the time

The Creator of Periodc table Dmitry Mendeelev created the table as a cheatsheet as he was running late for submission of his research. He arranged the elements in accordance to their atomic weight and summed it up. And you guys worried about the table giving you headaches ??


Out of the hundred and 118 different elements  only 90 can be found naturally

The other


Hydrogen is found on the top left corner of the periodic table because it is the lightest element with an atomic weight of 1

The heaviest element on the table is Uranium with an atomic weight of weight of 238

75% of the elements on the table are metals

Mercury and Bromine are the only two elements which are liquid at room temperature

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