7 Entrepreneural Ideas For Fresh MBA Pass outs

Entrepreneurship is one of the most misunderstood concepts of the society.  There are so many misconceptions about running your own business that people can understand.  For MBA pass outs,  it is one of the most liberating things to do.  Entrepreneurship also takes the society forward.  Even if you have a good University degree and a great job,  entrepreneurship is a better option.  Unfortunately not many people go for it because there’s so much risk involved. More then risk there is fear involved. There are 7 entrepreneurship ideas for fresh pass outs  that are a great deal.


Open your own HR and Business Consultancy Firm

It is very easy to open up open your HR consultancy firm.  all you need is a website and contact card to get people on board. You would also require  a bank account for making transactions  and a form of registered office.


Provide Social Media Expertise Service


social media marketing is one of the most important tools in these days.  with some good knowledge of Facebook marketing  and some sort of SEO marketing  you can get a lot of clients to pay you for maintenance and promotion of their accounts.


Open your own Fashion Boutique ( For Girls )


Having your own fashion but it is not a very difficult ask.  you can smart start small with tie UPS with various fashion brands for fashion products. Other than that you can also hire a small staff to serve your clients in your local area.


Have Your Own Event Management Company

even if you are starting small then you can organise various marriage functions and parties to begin with.  by obtaining some of the contract you can also get paid by starting your own event management company. It is the best option available today for fresh MBA pass outs.


Get Affordable Travel Package Planning Service


tour and travel is one of the biggest businesses in the world.  you can easily locate an organised  travel packages  with all the bookings regarding the travel tickets hotel rooms and other expenses to provide services to people who buy your package.

Start Your Own Toy shop

This is one business which requires a small amount of investment to start with.  you can importers from some sources or get your own  agencies to get toys.  You can target simple family consumers for this business .


Advertising Agency


You can start an advertising agency by registering your own firm.  after that you can be a part of advertising agency trade unions.  by getting some help from the unions you can also get some media contracts.  you can also research about companies who need regular advertising services. 



If you are one of the fresh MBA pass outs, you need not worry because there are great amount of opportunity was waiting for you knocking in the world.  For more amazing ideas and insights into the world of entertainment Science and Technology keep coming back to amazing geek world.  also become a part of the amazing geek community by hitting the subscribe button.  Till then we hope you have a great time !


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