7 Facts About Draupadi That You Even Did Not Know From Mahabharata

Draupadi as we all know is the most important character from Mahabharata, the Indian epic. She is known to be the daughter of Drupada, the King Of Panchala. Draupadi was a princess to be known for her bravery. And there are many facts about her which you might have even missed in Mahabharata. Here are 7 facts about Draupadi that might even surprise you. Scroll down and have a look.

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She Incarnated Directly From Fire

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Draupadi is beieved to be Yajna ( born from fire ). She did not have a normal course of human cycle. She was born out of fire directly as an adult. So as pure as she was, she was never a child.

She Was Believed To Be A Avatar Of Maa Kaali

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In the Hindu mythology, Draupadi is believed to be an incarnation of Maha Kaali. It is also believed that she was born in order to assist Lord Krishna to put an end to the Kauravas.

Belief In Justice

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Unlike many other woman of her time, Draupadi had a very strong belief system. She was of an opinion that she need not remain silent if were subject to abuse or injustice. She condemned the likes of Bhishma, Drona and Pandavas for not saving her during her Cheer Haran.

Symbol Of Good Home Maker

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Not many people know that there is a term called Draupadi’s Vessel. Draupadi’s Vessel means a kitchen that has an abndance and stock for everything. She is believed to be the ideal image for a home maker in the Indian culture.

Could Walk Through Fire To Regain Her Purity

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If Draupadi had to move from one husband to another, she had the power to regain her virginity by walking simply through the fire. She was as pure as the fame of fire itself.


She Only Had One Friend In Krishna

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She considered Lord Krishna as her only true friend who was the only one to rescue her from dire circumstances. The term used for friend in those times was “saka” which means someone who is a trusted ally.

She Had A Bad Equation With Pandavas

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Despite being married to the Pandavas, she never could completely trust them. This was evident by the fact that none of the Pandavas came to her rescue on hearing her scream in the courtroom. They even hesitated to kill Kichika to protect their identities.

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