7 Menacing Facts About The Joker That Make Him A Legendary Batman Nemesis

The Joker is the most iconic comic book character and probably the only negative character which gets as much attention as the main hero in the series. But we are sure that there are many things about the Crown Prince Of Crime that you never even wondered.

He Knows Batman Is Bruce Wayne But He Does Not Care !!

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There is no direct reference to prove the point but The Joker does not want to harm Batman or Bruce Wayne because otherwise, he won’t having fun without having him around. However, The Joker creates havoc in Batman’s life and targets people close to Bruce Wayne. Some theories suggest that The Joker perceives Bruce Wayne as a masked identity of Batman but not vice versa. He still does not care.


Superman Almost Killed Him

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In an instance, Joker tricks Superman into thinking that he had killed his pregnant wife Lois Lane. This incident took place in the injustice Gods series. In that event, Superman ends up punching the Joker so hard that it makes a hole through his chest. We are sure that Batman would have never done that.

His Solo Comic Series Have never Succeeded

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Joker is a great iconic character grabbing eyeballs in the movies, animated series. But not many people know that none of his solo comic book titles have been best sellers.

His Real Name Is Jack Napier

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The alter ego for the menacing comic book villain is mostly kept under the wraps. The origin story, however, is mysterious but Jack Napier started off as a small time gangster.

He Might Be The Reason Why Heath Ledger Killed Himself !!

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You know how Heath Ledger locked himself up to prepare for his role. It is believed that Joker the character had such impact on the actor that his psyche was changed. Can say literally Joker drove Heath so crazy that he ended up taking a drug overdose.

Before He Was A Psychopath Killer He Was A Minor Jewellery Thief

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Batman’s Mother Once Became The Joker !

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