6 Moments From Avengers Infinity War Trailer That Are Not In The Film !

Avengers Infinity War was a promise of 10 years that needed to be fulfilled and the Russo brothers did deliver in many ways in which it was possible. Well the fans have enjoyed the conclusion to such a big journey that had their favorite Guardians, Avengers and Spider Man there were quite a few shocking moments in the movie. And it looks like none of us were so prepared for it. The trailer gave out a healthy idea what to expect but looks like there were many moments in the Avengers Infinity War Trailer which were not in the film. Here are these identified trailer moments which are different from actual film ( Spoilers Ahead ).

Loki Surrenders To Thanos

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This scene was almost like what we saw in the trailer but here God Of Mischief is being himself at best. He refuses to save Thor but then he does. He says the same line ” We have a Hulk” what Tony said to him 6 years ago.

Wakanda War Scene

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We all have seen the film, yes we had Black Panther and Cap with the team. Brice Banner on the other hand is shown in the Hulk Buster armor and there is no sign of Hulk, except in the beginning.



Starlord Irritating Iron Man

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We thought the two had a an argument. Rather Peter Quill is interrupted by Peter Parker, as the former that that Footloose was still the best movie of all time. There is this Tony Stark in the midst but not so much time for the pop culture jokes.

Spiderman Without Spider Arms

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We do not see the whole picture in this. Those who have seen the film know that we get a full fledged view of Iron Spider with the Golden arms, and Peter is on a task when Thanos throws the moon at the Avengers.

Guardians With Thor

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This scene has been cut in a different way as the Guardians rather do not feel so good being around Thor. Quill even does that heavy voice impression of Thor in which he fails. For more you only have to watch the film.


Bruce Banner Hulkbuster Armor

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We never see much of the Natasha Bruce interaction. Everything happens so different and the scenario is very different. Hope we did not spoil much for you !


The directors of the film Joe and Anthony Russo admitted in an interview that they like to be ahead of the audience with edits like these and if they serve the same chocolate ice cream to their viewers then they will get sick of it. Do you agree ? Did you like the movie ? Let us know in the comments section below !



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