7 2018 PlayStation 4 Exclusives We Are Excited For

Year 2017 might not have been very happening for Sony but things are likely to change this year as there are many exciting exclusives upfront. Some of the games that would be out on the shelf have been the old games which were best sellers getting a reboot. Looks like gamers are in for a treat in 2018 if playstation is your place to be. This year is going to break the monotony with now great titles waiting to be collected by the gamers. Most of them being 2018 Playstation 4 exclusives. Check the list of the  most awaited 2018 Playstation 4 Exclusives !

Spider Man

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It is a well known fact that Marvel rules the movie business and the DC titles rule the gaming section. This 2018 Playstation 4 exclusives from Sony promises to give you the best gameplay of Peter Parker’s life with the hero juggling his alter ego hero role with the regular Peter Parker life.


God Of War

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The story from Sony remains the most loved game series of all time form Sony. FOr a change this God Of War title is not so much about the vengeful Kratos. It is a father son story of a settled down God who now sports a beard !

Detroit : Become Human

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This is from the makers who made Two Souls. Expect a lot of philosophy and commentary in this interesting game that talks about the meaning of life !

Shadow Of Colossus PS4

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Shadow Of Colossus remains one of the all time favourites and most loved game in the Sony titles. Now good for fans it is getting an exclusive Playstation 4 remake with redone graphics and special effects.

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Dissida Final Fantasy NT

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This is one of the must have titles on the list as it is a sequel to one of the most loved classics of PS3. It will be one of the 2018 Playstation 4 exclusives to watch out for !

Kingdom Hearts 3

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This remains a very dear exclusive on the list as this RPG game is a sequel 13 years in the making combining the magic of Sony with Square Enix.

Days Gone

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Days Gone is for the fans of this particular genre who will still go for a game that has all the gore and the Zombie fighting. Sony has hopes from this game that it ill bring fans and have something over and above the generic story telling of other games in this category. Looks good though.


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