7 Movies We Want To See Under MCU After Disney Fox Deal !!

As we see the Disney Fox Deal heads to a closure with Disney acquiring Fox for $52 Billion. This changes quite a lot of things. Looks like Spiderman is not th eonly hero to get a homecoming from MCU. Here is quite a load of films that will be coming back to Marvel Studios which are now owned by Disney. Some names have been given out and the great thing is that you can now see your favourite Avengers interacting with these Marvel comics characters on the big screen without any right issues. This wouls be fun to watch as Marvel can now do more with their storylines and scripts with more characters under one Umbrella due to Disney Foox Deal.



1. X-MEN Dark Phoenix

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The X-Men have started to have standing of their own with a series reboot and a loyal fan following. While the deal won’t effect the set up likely but considering it will be a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe after the Disney fox deal, there will be soem creative control by Kevin Feige. We all love what Marvel does. Dark Phoenix will follow the last films, Dark Phoenix has a powerful force taking over Jean Grey creating a havoc. We don’t mind if they get some help from the Avengers.

2. Fantastic Four Reboot

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Fantastic Four is a great comic books superhero team up. That never quite translated to the big screen. Luckily for us the MCU will see through what is best for fans. So now we finally will get a great Fantastic Four movie. Fans can have a sigh of relief.

3. Wolverine Reboot

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Wolverine is not just the most iconic X-Men, he is also the most iconic comic books character to ever don the big screen. What made Huge Jackman’s version so great that the character was highly relatable. Now what happens when you have him in the MCU will totally different character. It will be a baggage thing for Marvel to prove themselves as we will have a new Wolverine. Not just Wolverine films, his involvement under MCU, X-Men and Deadpool films is now possible.

4. Deadpool In The MCU

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After the Disney Fox deal, Marvel has still announced that Deadpool will remain an R-rated film. The good thign is that you can see Ryan Reynolds take on the character to star in various films and maybe some team-ups with Wolverine or Spiderman! Wouldn’t that stuff be awesome.

5. Silver SurferRelated image

The Silver Surfer is a great character from the cosmos who deserves a worthy screen adaptation. Now that the Marvel creative heads are in control they can all finally tell the audience how cool this space character is. In the comics, he travels from Galaxy to Galaxy to win over planets for energy hungrey Galactus. He is much more than a Fantastic Four nemesis.


6. The New Mutants

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The New Mutants is a great franchise from the comics which had been teased in the logan. Now, thank god for the deal you can also see the use of word Mutants in other MCU films. Now more films under same banner form Marvel comics will lead to lesser of a confusion.

7. Doctor Doom

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Doctor Doom is a worthy rival to Marvel Villains in terms of his superpowers. He is so powerful that he can exchange and posses other people’s minds. He has messed with other Marvel comic heroes in the past such as the Fantastic Four and Apocalypse. he sure can get a better on screen film.


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