These 10 Animated Shows From The 90’s Are Best Throwback To Bring Back The Nostalgia

6. Spongebob Squarepants

There is no match t this epic who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Ofcourse you know who !! The naive fry cook who has a different way of dealing with problems was always a treat to watch. Matched up with his dumb friend Pattrick and others they made foe the most jolly adventures.

7. The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy

The show is a noteworthy for it’s dark humour but it still being a kids show. After Grim looses to a limbo match with Billy and Mandy, he is tied up to an unwanted friendship with them like a slave. The show made up for the best funny incidents even with routine tasks.

8. Baby Looney Tunes

Warner Bros got many things right with this show. It got their favourite and most loved characters as toddlers. It is fun to remember Taz, Tweety, Daffy and Buggs Bunny as kindergarteners learning about life. Also then we had Granny and many other loved characters in the show.


9. Cat Dog

Cat Dog was one of the most unconventional series from Nicklodeon. It traced the story of cojoined brothers, one cat and the other dog. One loved rock and roll, the other loved opera. Despite their different interest they were best friends.

10. Jackie Chan Adventures

Jackie Chan adventures makes up for the most memorable and cool shows to have come out straight form the 90’s. The animated series was loosely based on fictional characters that Jackie Chan has played throughout. Jackie with his niece Jade and Uncle Chan were a part of Section 13. They had to go through magical adventures to prevent the Spirit of Yendu to get the 13 talismans which gave him unlimited powers.


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3 thoughts on “These 10 Animated Shows From The 90’s Are Best Throwback To Bring Back The Nostalgia

  1. Naman…. I really enjoyed your… 90’s yoon post…. Really i missed all those shows… Of mine… Childhood times….!!! Their existence… Shows us that we are still child as we are growing by times…. Thanks.. Buddy.!!!
    Appreciating post

    Ajay singh
    Cllg wala

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