6 Reason We Are Going To Miss The Avengers After Infinity Wars

It has been almost 10 years and Marvel enthusiasts are still in awe of Kevin Feige and his team for what they have achieved with The Avengers and others. Few years from now ( almost in the early 2000’s) no one could have imagined that our favorite superheroes from comic books could come out so well on celluloid. We as audience also seem to take team Marvel for granted with being effortless at entertaining us.

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There are sure many movies to count and lessons to learn. Although solo superhero movie projects continue to amaze us and entertain us, Avengers are going to have their final show down in the upcoming Avengers Infinity Wars.

With many of the actors ending their contracts with Marvel and many stories being passed we are sure going to recall this phase of Marvel as the golden period for movies. Now moving on we are going to list our “7 Reasons We Are Going To Miss The Avengers after Infinity Wars” :


1. The Best Superhero Showdown We Looked For

The Avengers are fun, they are all over now with mystic powers from Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange, nevertheless, they saved the world with the right amount of everything. It was great combination of Marvel heroes, with right mix of humor, casting and great scripts. After Phase 3 and Infinity Wars, we surely have to settle without the old avengers team !!

2. It was Marvel’s Magic Card For Entertainment

The Avengers Infinity Wars is easily the most anticipated superhero franchise, even beating Justice League. It has the most powerful baddie Thanos from comics coming to the big screen. We will surely cherish this phase in the years to come as an example for comic book films.

3. Captain America Will Pass On His Legacy

And as the Civil War story line goes, Captain passes on his Shield and makes room for a New Captain America. There might be a number of contenders like Falcon and Bucky but we will still miss the original Captain America.

4. We Might No Longer See Tony Stark Build Everything, Pay For Everything And Make Everyone Look Cooler

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Tony Stark to Marvel is almost as important to Marvel as Batman is to DC. He is cool, he is smart and nothing can match the charm that Tony Stark brings into the character. The audience might crave for a solo Iron Man 4 but we will miss Tony in the midst of the first Avengers team !


5. The Infinity Stones Plot Build Ups Were Best Eager Eggs In A Cinematic Universe

The bad part about building up such a great story line up is that every great thing comes to an end. Infinity Stones were smartly used as Easter eggs in various Avengers movies, and to not see our heroes discover them is something that we will miss.

6. Thanos Might Kill Off Some Of Our Heroes Before Phase 3 Ends

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Amazing Geek World has no expertise in giving out spoilers, but If rumors are to be believed then Marvel will kill off some of it’s major characters by the end of Infinity Wars. Well if that is the case then there will be a lot of new characters like Captain Marvel, but Phase 3 will surely miss our own real Avengers !!


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