7 Reasons Why We Love Comic Book Movies More Than Scripted Films

Comic book movies are very inspiring in the sense that they have got a rich history to refer the story line from.  and going Through all the animated movies and comic books in our childhood has given us A Tale of its own.  now in this post, we are going to state why we enjoy comic book movies so much more than the scripted firms and hair are also some arguments to support the same. Here are 7 reasons why comic book movies are much better than scripted films. Here is why we love these



Great Stroy Lines

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There have been many comic book movies from the past right from Captain America Civil War to Batman V Superman which were exact titles from comic books brought to life on screen. They also create certian nostalgia as everything is familiar.


References Form Rich History Of Comic Books

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Comic Books were a thing even in the 20th century. So there is no reason that why we don’t enjoy some great references from the rich history of comic books.

Use Of CGI

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The CGI in the case of comic book stories is never meaningless. it helps in the smart execution of incidents on the screen.


The Superheroes

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There are many many iconic characters coming to movies now.


The Magic

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it is spell binding to see the magic unfold on big Imax 3D theatres.


The Super Villains

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The villains from the comics are also equally iconic. We have got great Villains like The Joker, Vulture, Thanos, Darkseid from comics. It is not possible to create same thrill out of newly scripted films.

The Technical Visual Accuracy

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Studios like Marve make their technology and science concepts believable, thanks to their great research on mechanics and science theories.


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