7 Reasons Why We Think True Love Doesn’t Exist Anymore

Alright now this brings us to one of the most controversial topics. Is it even possible to find true love ?? Do we not look at those 80 y.o. couples and wonder where is that kind of relationship ?? Does our generation even understand the meaning ??

The question to the sustainability of a relationship remains eternally un-reverted. But the real dilemma is, are we even ready to accept the possibility of true love. Here are 7 reasons as to why we think, true love does not exist anymore :

1. Most Of Us Are Looking At All The Wrong Places

That’s true. Most people from our generation would not recognize the opportunity to fall for the right person at just the right time. So all the time you have been asking God about your true love ?? Look closer, you might have just lost.

2. People Better Find New Options Than Give True Love A Chance

Now here’s the catch !! True love is not something to be owned by the impatient. It has to be nurtured over a period of time with the possibility of supporting the other person’s dream and idea of life. There is no science to it, it is that simple. Unfortunately people chose begin with new people than to invest in a relationship, and that is the sad part !

3. Most People Do Not Want To Settle

Maybe some people would just not admit it. The fast paced life has made us value things more than people. And this is where all the equations go wrong. If you believe in true love, you better have the courage to find a common footing. By settling down we do not just mean the intention to marry, we mean to settle down as the feeling of being at peace with someone. Being at home.

4. We Have Far Better Social Lives But Still Loath It

It is not a bad thing to have a social life. The problem here is priorities. No two people can be together forever. But some people underestimate the power that a true relationship cna bring in to your life. Unfortunately also most of the love is disguised as friendship and is lost in the constant comparison going on in our social circles. Also social media platforms have almost destroyed how we percieve other people.

5. We Judge People Too Soon

Right ones stuck with the wrong ones ?? Wrong ones don;t care ?? Yes but most of the right equations are tampered by mere judgement and nagging which comes. The best approach couls have been to make an attempt to understand the other person before fighting over pointless judgements.

6. Someone Hurts You And You Decide Not To Trust

Did you get that math problem right in one go ?? Did you not switch though places before you found your dream job ?? That’s the thing. Most possibilities or finding true love are ruined when grudge against a wrong person makes the right one look not so good ! And the negativity is projected on other people making them lose hope too !

7. Because We Give Up On It…..

Haha, not to be a sadist. This is the biggest reason a person might not find the ideal relationship. Some times one phone call or a text message can set things right but, Ego is one hell of a drug. We decide not to take that chance and drift apart.


Not to say that we are cynical about finding love ( isn’t it ironic that the pictures used above speak about positivity ?? ). But have a look at these points with a different approach and you will find the answers to getting true love. Maybe not so simple, or is it ?? For more slice of life content, find a friend in amazing geek word. You can write us into amazinggeekworld@gmail.com for feedback and suggestions. Till then, have a great time readers !

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