6 Struggles That Every Sports Car Lover Can Relate To !!

Being a car enthusiast is not that easy in a country where every vehicle is judged by mileage. But we can say that despite driving our Marutis and Fiats, Indian is a big car lover market with lots of enthusiasm and knowledge. But being a car lover has its own perks and disadvantages. We will talk about this interesting scenario in this article. Here is our take on 7 Struggles Of Every Sports Car Lover. Have a look and scroll down.


You Love Washing Your Car By Yourself

Spending time with your car is the best time of the day for you.  so you also love washing your car without any help.  it helps you make sure that you are baby is just perfectly shiny for the day at work.


You Have A Crazy Friend Circle Who Talks About Ferrari, BMW Etc

A car lover can just not survive without having a great friend circle to have a thing for every Ferrari BMW Mustang and Lamborghini. they keep you updated on the news And they also make sure that you have great fun arguing about your favourite sports cars.


You Always Have A Car Poster Of A Model You Cannot Afford

Well what is the fun of being a cop in a day if you just don’t have dreams that exceeds your paying capacity.  you also identify by having a poster of a great car model which you apparently cannot afford. But it still gives you the thrill.


You Love Going To Test Drives

The best part about being a carnivore is that you don’t have to buy everything you drive you can still go to the test drive and have fun comparing different brands and performances of different cars with your friends.


You Love Taking Pictures At Auto Expo

for every car fanatic and Auto Expo is the Christmas of the Year.  it is the day you most eagerly look forward to and have fun taking pictures with the cars while you are screaming at the new presentations.


You Are Offended When Your Friends Don’t Understand Torque, PS and RPM

There is no bigger offence in the world then somebody who does not understand or miss interprets your talking about the various technical aspects of your Ferrari BMW and Mercedes.  you also spend a whole lot of time reading about it on the Internet and test knowledge of your fellow mates regarding the same concepts


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