7 Surprise Avengers Infinity War Cameos That Marvel Can Place In Avengers 3 & 4

As if the hype around the Avengers Infinity War was not enough, there has been the big deal breaker with Disney acquiring Fox Studios. This makes a whole lot of Avengers Infinity War Cameos possible. Because there have been many Marvel comics characters that always deserved an MCU entry. There have been many confirmed characters but we have to agree that we do deserve to see these Avengers Infinity War cameos. Some might be real and some might never be there :

1. Human Torch

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Now that Marvel has right to Fantastic Four, some characters are more than welcome. Some fan theories suggest that Human Torch might be in the Avengers Infinity War. We as fans would like him team up with the likes of Spider-Man and Captain America.

2. Ancient One

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Now some spoilers here. But considering the scale and powers deployed in this movie with Infinity Stones used you might have soem characters brought back from dead. If that is true than one Doctor Strange is not enough to take down Thanos. Ancient One might as well be a wild entry card to the ensemble. As quoted by Mark Ruffalo in an interview he already have worked this actress which means that Tilda has worked on this project.

3. Wolverine

Now Wolverine is one of the most loved X-Men of all times. Marvel would want a good reboot/homecoming to the character. So why not have it in the next Infinity War cameos. This is a very beloved character and giving him a bigger platform in the MCU, Avengers 3 could be a perfect way to do so.

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4. Hela

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Hela the Godess of death is Odin’s first born and also immensely powerful to be destroyed in one single event. owing to the same rumours Hela might make a comeback as Mark Ruffalo had indirectly confirmed to have acted with her in the film. This would totally add an extra angle to the equation.

5. Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel is all set to have her own solo film in the future of MCU. She might as well get her a great first appearancein the Avengers Infinity War. Kevin Feige had himself confirmed that Captain Marvel is the most powerful Marvel character. So she wouldn’t mind being a future Avenger and lending a helping hand to the team up against Thanos.

6. Venom

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There are some fan theories doing the rounds regarding the Symbiote having an existence in the MCU. It oeud be interesting to see an anti hero like Venom take part in the Infinity War showdown.

7. Ultron

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Now there is a loot of time travel, powerful infinity stones and the Infinity Gauntlet. Some theories suggest Ultron might make it tough for the heroes in another Avengers Infinity War cameos. It would be interesting to see how so many big changes fit into the bigger picture.

Honorable Mention Pepper Potts in Rescue Iron Man Suit


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One instagram picture posted by Gweyneth Paltrow suggest that she had some motion capture tech on her feet similar to the ones seen in the Iron Man and War Machien CGi suits. If that is the case then this movie is going to be bigger than our expectations. So much so that even the likes of Pepper Potts donning the suit for the big cosmic conflict against Thanos.


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