7 Mind Boggling Deadpool Facts You Did Not Know As A Fan

Deadpool is one of the most weird, quirky and also one of the most recently profitable X-Men in the cinematic Universe. The Merc with a mouth has a lot of things that evokes curiosity. After all this anti-villain from Marvel comics has so much left unexplored and also yet to be seen on the big screen. His ability to interact with his audience and readers make him an even more special fan favorite !

Everybody knows that Wade Wilson takes a dig on Wolverine to be having healing powers similar to the R-rated X-Men, but there are many things we are sure that people do not know about this iconic character. Have a look :


1. He is a rip-off Character From DC’s Deathstroke

Although Deadpool being much much more famous then Deathstroke, he is actually infamously inspired by the DC character. Marvel took it so lightly that they even named the character Wade Wilson, as a spoof to Deathstroke’s real name Slade Wilson. They both carry guns and swords, both have black in theior suit and many such similarities.

2. He Idealized Captain America

Not many people know that Wade Wilson is Captain America’s ideal since when he was just a child. And not many know that Steve Rogers is the only Marvel Superhero that has been shown to respect Deadpool. One reason can be said that both the characters have been subject to Government experimentation making them alike.

3. Deadpool Wants To Be Best Freinds With Spiderman

People who follow comics know this for a fact that Deadpool has a weird sense of fascination Spiderman. He has been shown to be trying to impress Spiderman. However it is shown that Spidey finds it hard to develop a liking for him and mostly does not reciprocate his friendship. Interestingly, his red suit is also inspired by Spiderman.

4. He Once Stole The Iron Man Suit

In the 2013 issue of  #7, Deadpool is seen partying with non other then Tony Stark with alchohol. As soon as a news flash about Nuclear meltdown occurs on TV. Wade Wilson is said to knock down Tony Stark and steal his Iron Man armour. However he does save a nuclear plant from explosion.

5. His Love Interest Vanessa Later Becomes Copycat

Many people who just follow the movies know that Vanessa Carlysle was Wade Wilson’s girlfriend before he was terminally ill and discovered with cancer. Later in the comics she seemed to have crossed path with Deadpool when she became a shape shifting mutant called copycat.

6. Deadpool Is A Generous Organ Donor

Source : 9gag

Everybody knows that Deadpool has regenrative healign powers where his cells keep replacing themselves making him almost immortal to any hots or injuiries. Unlike his popular image, Deadpool is a great guy with a conscience and is seen donating his organs often in comics. And also because he keeps growing these organs back.


7. Deadpool Is Self Aware That He Is Just A Fictional Character Making Him Depressed

What makes Deadpool so epic is his self awareness about being a comic book character often taking digs at the X-Men and other characters by breaking the fourth wall. But in reality Deadpool is very much aware of himself being a work of fiction of writers. This often makes him depressed and feel sad. Poor Wade Wilson !

We hope you enjoyed our take on Deadpool facts. If you like our updates on the entertainment, science and comic book world, keep cpming back for more. You can email us your suggestions and feedback at amazinggeekworld@gmail.com. Till then, we hope you guys are having a great summers already. See you all in a better world.






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