7 Things You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy Note 8 !!

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the latest addition and also the flagship smartphone of the tech giant. Apart from the godly good likes the smartphone packs a bunch of exciting features to keep the geeks and techies happy. Have a look at these 7 things you did not know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 !

  1. The S-Pen provided with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can be used to create graphic animated GIFs. It can be used to share it with any app that has the GIf platform like whatsapp and facebook messenger.
  2.  There is a twin megapixel camera that can easily shoot in an optimized portrait mode. The dual camera photography is not a new feature. But the Samsung smartphone also saves the wide angle lens version. SO you always have 2 versions of the photograph
  3.  The S-Pen can also be utilized for daily purposes such as saving an attractive looking memo pin up. You can then pin it up to home screen. The best part is that you do not need to unlock your phone to have a glance at your memo. The same feature has been carried down from Note 7 but now the memo can be 100 sheets long.

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  4.  The phone gets the fingerprint reader in an awkward spot. It is placed unexpectedly on the right sie of the camera array.
  5. This time the battery is still a bit smaller than Note 7. Which can say is a good thing because less chances of it heating up.
  6.  One more thing to note about the Galaxy Note 8 is that it has a Samsung Voice Assistant. The side button can be used to activate Bitsby voice.
  7.  The model is both water and dust resistant so it makes for the act that you can travel more and be secured.


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