7 Under Utilized Comic Book Characters For Big Screen

The Marvel-DC combo has pretty much catered to fantasy of millions in the recent times, giving the most iconic of characters worthy reboots. From Iron to Batman, and others like Captain America to Spiderman, you guys think you’ve had it all ?? The answer is obviously not. These are the comic book characters who have either not gotten their worthy individual titles or remain to be unexplored overshadowed by bigger scripts of the studios they belong. Here is our take on the list of comic book characters who deserve a little more on the big screen !

1. Night Wing

The Night WIng is no Robin ! Interestingly the character in comic book has a Superman story origin later being associated with Batman. The Night Wing Suit is worn by Dick Grayson in most of the comic book adaptation. The Night Wing isn’t based on Batman but has a more flexible, lighter fighting style.

2. Black Panther

There is so much depth to the King Of Wakanda, and we believe that Marvel is not making any mistake with this. Although the Black Panther suit is something inherited by royality, the current version of T’Challa’s Black Panther has won many hearts during Captain America : Civil War. We are sure there is more to this character and there is a solo movie in the making too !

3. Carnage

Not Many know that the Carnage from comic books has been inspired by the Joker. He is a more lethal version of the Venom suit and posses a grim sense of humour. Sadly even after being one of the most iconic Spiderman super-villains, he is yet to get a big screen debut.

4. War-Machine

War Machine is a name given by James Rhodes to his version of Iron Man Suit. Apart from playing a side-kick to Iron Man, Captain Rhodey has played a major role in many Iron Man titles. War Machine surely has more to offer than just small cameos in Marvel mash-ups!

5. Green Lantern

The Green Lantern first film was panned by critics and fans alike. But there is so much potential to the story. The Green lantern suit does not have any usual form but the ring shapes costume based on one’s imagination. If the character gets a Marvel like approach it would have been big on the silver screen too !

6. Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer can be credited as having a great cosmic origin. He made it as an unplanned ally to Fantastic Four in the comic book series and later became a solo character. His character gave up his freedom to save his advanced humanoid planet race from Galactus.

7. Wonder Woman

The charming charismatic super hero from the DC Universe deserves a special mention on the list. The elegant Princess Diana of Amazon has made her recent reboot in Batman v Superman movie and fans are all excited for her solo movie this June.


We hope you have fun reading our lists, as much we have compiling it. You can leave your opinions about your favourite underrated comic book characters in the comments section below. And do no forget to like us on facebook and share our posts.


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