8 Amazing Powers Of The Vision That Make Him A Worthy Avenger

The Vision is a worthy Avenger given the fact that he has so much control over his superpowers and he has been powered by non other than the mind stone. The humble looking Avengers as not many people know was a creation of Ultron itself and was brought to life by Thor. There is a lot to this interesting character which is yet to be explored in the MCU. Yet there is a lot that has been revealed about the Vision which will give you some worthy comic book thrills. Have a look at 7 Amazing Powers Of The Vision That Make Him A Worthy Avenger :


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The Vision has a great control over density, mass and weight of matter. He is surrounded by a yellowish green light which gives him the power to phase through matter. He can easily pass through walls and enemies by controlling the density of matter.



One ability that makes Vision a worthy Avenger is that he uses his strategy of the flight. He can easily minimize his density and be so lightweight that he starts floating in the air. He can easily go above the ground and freeze himself in the air or set in motion at different speeds. This gives me great advantage at fights.


Super Human Strength

You cannot expect yourself to be an Avenger if you do not have what it takes to take down enemies with your plain strength. The Vision has the ability to control his density to yield Superhuman strength. Remember he took on Ultron’s army with it.


Shooting Energy Blasts

Apart from all these amazing powers, Vision can also shoot energy blasts to great effects. He converts the raw energy from the mind stone. He can shoot this beams from his forehead even damaging Ultron’s vibranium body and slicing the airport tower in seconds !


Create Synthetic Skin Construct ( Including His Armour and Cape )

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Not many people know that the Andro Humanoid Superhero has the ability to willfully generate synthetic material. In his birth stage itself he generated a Synthetic skin cape and armour for himself. He even generates human worldly clothes by his own.


Genius Level Intellect

What seperates the Vision from might heroes with strength that he has a vey high intellectual that can be credited as being a genius. He can collect and download large amount of information in his mind and can give very reasonable arguments in humanly conditions.


Can Manipulate Computer Systems

Vision single handedly hacked Ultron’s system and restricted his ability to connect to the internet. He himself is a digitally running super computer but with a conscience that makes him fit to live in the society.

Super Durability

His ability to control the mass and density of the objects makes him use his durability to take large amount of attacks without a damage. A huge bus that was thrown at Vision was sliced into two pieces into forward momentum !!


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