7 Changes Made By Marvel Studios From Comics To Onscreen That Were Worth It

It is no joke that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has pulled of various successful films and have put together the comic book and the non comic book fans on the same platter. There are times when the Marvel Studio heads made us proud with decisions that were both modern and comic book accurate.

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Now here is the tricky part, there were some changes made on the on screen adaptions that were different from the source material from the comics. Here are is a list of 7 times changes were made by Marvel Studios from comic books that were worth it !

Nick Fury Assembled The Avengers

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The trailer if Infinity War makes us look back at the perfect streak of events that led to the 10 years of MCU. Having Nick Fury to assemble the Avengers with an intention to save the world was best decision we have seen. In the comics it was a mash up fight with Hulk that gathered other heroes that later became Avengers ( Ironman, Cap and Thor ).

Black Widow Is Human Spy Not Soldier

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This was a more organic decision and does not complicate the character much. Although we do see a Marvel female character that is strong and is capable of a lot of things.

Zemo As Villain In Civil War

Out of Marvel villains, Zemo has got the best character motivations. Instead of fighting the Avengers, he tears them apart by making them fight each other. He only has a and fate but by the beginning of Infinity Wars, Avengers are still torn.

Nobody Dies At The End Of Civil War

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As we know by the end of Civil War in comics we have major character deaths, Cap also being one of them. Not complicating the arc much, Captain America Civil war was more about the conflict of ideologies and gave momentum to Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios already know how to keep the readers hooked.

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No Hulk Romance in Thor Ragnarok

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In the comics and in the Planet Hulk story line, Hulk has an alien wife on Sakaar. The arch had a tragic end with Hulk’s wife die. Taika Watiti had a much more hnourous take on Thor Ragnarok with Hulk not having to deal with such complicated storyline.

Scarlet Witch And Quick Silver Are Not Mutants

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The Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver are pitted as vengeful siblings later turning into the Avengers. Their power are a result of an experiment, more in line with movie story lines as the presence of X-Men is simply missing from the shared cinematic Universe.

Tony’s Arc Reactor

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One of the more complicated plot points of Iron Man form the comics is that Tony struggles as a vulnerable human with the arc reactor attached ot him. The arc reactor prevents the shrapnel form shredidng his heart poisoning him. That also made for a good plot line in Iron Man 2 but thankfully the arc reactor was removed from his chest in Iron Man 3. This gives the character of Iron Man to grow more in the superhero space.


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