8 Coffee Facts That Will Amuse You So Much That You Will Start Craving It !

The Dancing Goats Discovery

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It is said in the legends that the first effect of coffee was noticed by shepherds when they saw goats dancing. The grazing animals had the caffeine affect for grazing berries which is used to make coffee, making the goats sort of frisky.


Originally Coffee Was Eaten By Tribals

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Coffee has not always been the favorite beverage you see served so easily in the cups. In some early evidence, the tribals in Africa used to mix coffee berries with fat and consumed it to be eaten. The coffee berries were made out to be a recipe for edible energy balls.


Benefited by Islam

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Islam is one of the world religions which hugely condemns all kinds of alcoholic beverages. So the rise of Islam in a way promoted the consumption of coffee as it is an acceptable drink in that part of the world with Islamic culture.


All The World’s Coffee Grows In One Single Bean Belt

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Interestingly It is grown world over, but not many know that the energy caffeine ingredient grows only in a single bean belt which lies between the tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn.


Coffee Shops Were Banned In 1675 England

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In 1675, King Charles had banned all the coffee houses as they thought that it was a place which was used by general public to conspire against the kingdom monarchy.


It Is The Second Most Traded Commodity On The Word After Oil 

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Now that is quite surprising. Coffee berries go through a long process to give in to the demand of huge population trying to live off on their caffeine kicks. The berries are hand-picked, dried and peeled off to get a green bean which is later roasted to give the end product. It is the second most in-demand commodity after Oil.

It Is A Red Berry That Grows On Trees

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Now if you d not know how raw form of this energy looks like then this is your answer. These berries are fresh and red in colour.


Coffee Effect – It Sends Signals To Your Pituitary Gland Making It Look Like An Emergency

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Now everybody knows that it is a good source of energy and it contains a high amount of caffeines. And the reason why so many people are addicted to it because it creates a sensation in your brain leading your pituitary gland to believe that it is an emergency. The adrenaline released from the glands give us the energy rush we crave in the drink.


Now looks like you already know quite a lot about your favorite drink and some of you might rush to the kitchen to get one hot cup of the beverage. For more amazing pieces from the world of science, technology and the world, keep coming back to amazing geek world. Till then we all hope you guys have a great time. Let us know what you think in the comments section below and do share our posts with your friends and family in your circle!

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