8 Insights That We Got To Know From The Exclusive Avengers Infinity War Trailer

So the cat is out of the box and big baddie Thanos is in no mood to forgive !! The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been over a course of movies building momentum that leads to the discoveries of the various Infinity Stones scattered over a number of movies. For starters, Thanos is a big Marvel comics villain who is in search of these Infinity stones namely the space stone, time stone, mind stone, reality stone, power stone and the soul stones.

thanos avengers infinity wars

To wrap the long story short Thanos is on a voyage to get these imensely powerful stones to get unlimited power. This poses as the greatest threat our heroes have ever seen. So much so that it will take more then just the Avengers to take the big plan down. You can watch the official Avengers Infinity War Trailer in the Youtube link preview below :

It is clear from the trailer that Thanos has been hugely overpowering the likes of Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Spider Man and even Thor. The events of Thor Ragnarok have wrapped up and MCU is currently in it’s most exciting phase with the most anticipated trailer arriving. So without wasting much of your time we will start with our indights from the Trailer !! Here we go :


1. You See A Darker Version Of Captain America And Thor Still Has To Go Without An Eye

infinity war wakanda war
captain america wakanda war

Captain America had abandoned his shield and has presumably taken the title of Captian Nomad. And just like the impending danger calls upon, Captain America – Steve Rogers sports a beard and brooding look. We can also see him fight his wits out in the Wakanda battle. In another scene we even see Cap catch what looks liek a weaon thrown by the black order to which he responds with defense. But he looks aggressive.

Thor meanwhile has gone through a transformation after the events fo Ragnarok. Events do not seem to settle down for the might God Of Thunder anytime soon. He lands on the Guardians Of The Galaxy Ship and has probably had one encounter with Thanos which wakes him up after a crash.

thor after ragnarok
thor avengers infinity wars guardians

We see that most of the action in the trailer takes place in the space but Earth is also an important element of incidence in the film. We see Banner land up on earth in his human form where he finds the compnay of Doctor Starnge.


2.  An Open Portal In The Sky Triggers The Spidey Sense

spiderman spidey sense infinity war trailer
spidey sense infinity wars

There is a lot for the character of Tom Holland’s spiderman in the Avengers Infinity War trailer. we see the spidey sense finally come back to the character while he is on a school bus. Moreover there is a portal that opens up in sky which could be the arrival of Thanos or his army of The Black Order.

infinity war open portal
open portal infinity war


3. Tony Stark Bruce Banner And Doctor Strange Gaze Upon A New Threat

tony strange bruce banner
tony doctor strange banner

The classic Avengers alone cannot take down Thanos. Now we have Doctor Strange, Wondu, Bruce Banner And Tony Stark all in one frame anticipating something that could change things forever. We also see the arc reactor tease on Tony’s chest right there in the picture above.

4. Loki Might Be An Anti Hero

infinity wars space stone loki
loki space stone infinity wars

As fans had anticipated Loki gets back to the vault and probably steals the space stone. Whether or not he surrenders to Thanos remains to be seen. The infinity stones will form a big part of the storyline so everything that happens in the Avengers Infinity War trailer somehow relates to Infinity stones as showcased in the comic book version of the Infinity Gauntlet storyline. Loki might be an anti hero but he is unpredictable so we do not know whether he goes up for Avengers or sides by Thanos and saves himself.

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5. Iron Spider Suit Might Be A Powerful Avengers Reveal

iron spider avengers infinity war
iron spider suit infinity war trailer

Now as Peter Parker gets the spidey sense, Spider Man gets the Iron Spider suit too !! Desperate times and desperate measures. We see him riding soemthing like of a beast similar to the Chittori alien ships. We see a much more powerful version of Spiderman in the trailer. This is a big contrast from what we saw in Spider Man Homecoming. Is this not the hero we loved growing up. The conflict is too big for the young hero though!

6. Black Order Extracts The Mind Stone From Vision’s Forehead And He Re-Unites With Scarlet Witch

vision extraction mind stone
vision mind stone extracted

Black Order is the loyal army of Thanos that has been sent on the Earth by Thanos in search of infinity stones. Every fan on the internet had already anticipated Vision being a victim to Thanos as he has an Infinity stone the mind gem. What we also see is Vision actor in his human form having sort of a romantic re union with Wanda Maximoff. We also see Scarlet Witch trying to fight out like what seems an attack from Thanos on Earth. There is always so much happening that it is difficult to break down this big culmination in Avengers 3.

7. We See Avengers On Some Another Planet Getting Beaten By Thanos In Space

infinity war thanos
thanos infinity war trailer

Thanos seems to be overpowering every member of the Avengers team with gruesome attacks on Iron Man and Spider Man in the Avengers Infinity War trailer respectively. It looks liek all the heroes including the Guardians Of Teh Galaxy are stuck on a distant planet where they seem to be unable to fight Thanos who is yet on his quest to take over the Universe. ANother thing as we see a lot of people in space beaten up in piles, is it TOny’s Vision from Age Of Ultron coming true ?? There are a lot of sentimental moments in the trailer including the one that has Tony Stark grieving over someone in the beginnign of the trailer probably on the outer planet.

8. Black Panther’s Wakanda Subject To Threat From Thanos – Soul Stone Anyone ??

black panther infinity war
wakanda avengers infinity war

Most of us have guessed that the last infinity stone reveal will come in the Black Panther Trailer as Thro Ragnarok had no trace of it. It looks like Bucky and Captain AMerica had taken shelter in Wakanda which is now subject to conflict with the Black Order. Maybe it follows the events of Black Panther and the infinity stone is to be found in Wakanda which T’Challa,  Hulk, Captain America, and Bucky are trying to protect. In the Avengers Infinity War Trailer Black Panther even says “give this man a shield” which means that Captian is very much in Wakanda after the events of Captain America Civil War.


We are blown away with the biggest reveal from Marvel yet in the trailer and if you have been following MCU for a while then you are in the same state too. Let us knwo what you think in the comments section below. Do not forget to like us on facebook and share our articles across your social circles !! Till then we wil be back with more crispy updates.


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