8 Most Tragic Moments From Comic Book History

Comic Books are known to entertain us through the time unknown and have a very integral part of our rich literature. There have been various events in the comic book history which make the characters connect to the readers. A comic book fan goes through a wide variety of emotions while exploring the superhero realms. Here is our take on the 8 Most Tragic Moments Of Comic Book History :

Superman’s Death

Everyone has witnessed the moment when Superman was left powerless in the hands of Doomsday when he fights the plan from Lex Luthor. It was equally touching and depressing to see how characters were affected by the event. As SUperman himself stood for hope.


End Of Civil War In Marvel

The end of Civil War in the comic book saw a lot of heartbreaking moments. While in the comics, Tony Stark is almost the villain. He is left powerless when he leans next to Captain America’s dead body, grieving the pain of his lost friend.


Jason Tod Dies

Although the decision to kll Jason Tod was a choice of the audience, it was a very tragic moment in the comic book history. As the characters was very close to Batman, it left a big gap in Bruce Wayne’s life as he had to deal with it alone.


Spidey Fails To Save Gwen Stacy

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The even in the comic book history can bring tear to the eye of even the most strong hearted Spiderman fans. Spiderman is fighting Green Goblin at the tower and he almost saved Gwen. But the result is that he looses his first love unable to deal with it Peter Parker goes depressed.

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Wally West Meets Barry Allen Flash

There is an event in the DC Comic History where Wally West who is the nephew of The Flash Barry Allen is set to return to his world as his uncle fails to recoganize him. FInally when Wally gives up, he finds his uncle hugging him much to the surprise of the fans


Doctor Octopus Gets Spider Man’s Body

There is an incident in the comic book history where Doc Oct does a science experiment. With this he is able to switch Peter Parker’s young personality and while Peter is trapped in Doc Octavius’s old dying body. Much thing changes when Doctor Octavius realizes the memories and pain of Peter Parker. This makes him a responsible Superio Spiderman.


Jean Grey Dies

If you guys follow comic books or X- Men for a while ten you know how important Jean Grey is to the series and to cyclops. The most tragic moment of the comic books involves a meltdown to the team which ends in the death of Jean Grey. It gives unimaginable pain to Cyclops who is forever committed ot his love.


Sue Storm’s Miscarriage

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Sue and Reed Richards are the most important Fantastic Four Characters who are the foundation of the team. The one very sad moment from the comics involves Jean Grey’s miscarriage which leaves Reed and eam in Turmoil.


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