8 Reasons Why Being A Geek is the New “Cool”

Well it is something very stereotypical, geek’s aren’t supposed to be having fun. They are the one who felt left out for decades. And Geeks have been subject to bullying, stereotyping and what not !! But times change, Geeks like Bill Gates and Zuckerburg have changed the world in the recent times.

So it is finally time for the society to to accept the fact that geeks are cooler as technology is the new word. We are not creating divides, it is just the way things are. So here is our take on Why Being a Geek is the new cool :

1. They are most probably are going to have a great career

From Steve Jobs to Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, these guys own the most valuable companies in the world. So if you are good and something and you are a geek, you will make a lot of money for it too !

2. One Word is the Tech

Never has been a time in modern history, where knowing about gadgets or owning was considered as cool as it is today. Seriously guys, the ignorant people need a reality check. Coz there is nothing better than technology !


3. They Rule Fashion Trends too

Yea being geeky is cool too. You still stand a chance to stand out of the crows and make your own choices. No wonder celebs wanna look like geeks too !

4. You have sitcoms about them

Yea, nowadays being a comic book fan is not looked down upon as being nerdy. And what better person than Sheldon Cooper. He is a narcissist but people still adore him.

5. Being Creative is a good thing

More often than not, geeks always have the coolest of ideas. Although not everybidy will understand a geek, there is a lot to them than meets the eye.


6. They Can Help you Out,  but they might choose not to !!

Haha this is the fun part, not just the classroom assignments, but their knowledge for gadgets is practical too !

7. From a know it all they have become a “do it all”

Geeks drive technological innovations, they run companies, optimize gadgets and might also come with an app for everything. So yes it makes them the coolest of human species in modern day.

8. They have redefined the World Cool

No it is not just about owning the technology, it is also the ability to see the world in a different way which makes a geek cooler than everybody else. Also there is nothing better in the world than “technological evolution”.

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