8 Sacred Cities Which Have Hinduism In It’s Heart With The Rich Ancient Culture

India is known for its rich culture and ancient roots. There are many around the world who regard the country as the land where spirituality meets religion. And with India, the ancient mythological wisdom is still a part of our daily lives. Many people across this country and outside the country want to witness the mystic roots of Hinduism and the culture associated with it. So here is a list of “8 Sacred Hinduism Cities Which Explore The Rich Ancient Religion.


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Ayodhya is a small town in Uttar Pradesh which is known to be the birthplace of Lord Rama. The town holds special significance for the teachings of Hinduism and is said to be made by Gods and prosperous as heaven itself. Interestingly, Ayodha the native land of Rama also preaches a life exempt from greed, egoism, and envy. It is also an important archaeological shrine representing the ancient India.


The beauty of the city lies in the name of Haridwar itself. It’s name stands out to mean ” Gateway to Gods / Lord Shiva”. The tradition and sybolism of this city is the heart of Hinduism. People visit this place every year to purift themselves and wash away their sins courtsey Rivar Ganga, on which banks the city is situated. Teh sacred city is also home to Har ki Paudi , Ghat in Kankhal And Chandi Devi Mandir.


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Mathura is also an important place which finds itself a place in the history of Indian culture. It is famously known to be the birthplace of Shri Krishna. it lies on the banks of Yamuna river and enjoys a following from visits of Krishna devotees every year.


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Varanasi surely holds a special place on the world map being one of the oldest cities to be in existence. Varanasi as we call it in the modern day originally “Banaras” Or Benaras” is the religious capital of India. Located on the bank of river Ganga, Varanasi in the mythology is also known to be the favorite city of Lord Shiva. Visiting this place will give you a great exposure to ancient Hinduism traditions, customs, and native Indian culture. Here are some more pictures from the sacred city.

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Ujjain is a special ancient city in Rajasthan which is also popular for hosting Kumbh Mela every year. Apart from being linked to the Hindu culture, the city also has some exposure to Buddhist temples and culture. It is also known for its famous immortality nectar.



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Madurai is another ancient Indian center in the state of Tamil Nadu in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is famous as the home to various Hindu temples and offers a splendid display of ancient Indian architecture. It is also said that it might not be the Capital fo Tamil Nadu but it surely is the soul. Madurai saw a civilization in the times of 3rd century A.C.


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Kanchipuram is a small town in Tamil Nadu which is also known as the city of 1000 temples. In Hinduism belief system the city is said to have the ability of giving final attainment to Hindus ( both Vaishnavits and Savites). The city also stands for the unison of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Christianity in the civilization of India.


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Dwarka is known to be a very famous Hindu pilgrimage center. Lord Krishna had migrated to Dwarka after visiting Mathura. so there are many stories associated with the city which is known to Hindus. It was situated on the banks of river Gomti which was later submerged in the Arabian sea. The place still has remains of it’s culture and inspires visitors from the country.

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